3 tips for a great private school website design

Is beauty in the eyes of the beholder, or every school website designs are perfect? We all know what a bad school website looks like because we have been on some of them in the past. An ugly and unsorted school website will undoubtedly repel the visitors.

What does it mean for a parent who immediately needs to find contact information on your website, but exits failing to find any help? Or maybe a bunch of parents is accessing your website from their phone and they are spending a good deal of time re-sizing your disorganized website.

Creating a successful website isn’t just about impressive colors combinations, flashy photos, and multi-media presentations. Your private school website design must have these things:

  • Appropriateness
  • Content clarity
  • Good graphics design
  • Good functionality
  • Overall depth of information

A great school website design is loved by parents, children, and staff. Here are 3 key guidelines to keep in mind while designing your school website:

  1. Make the homepage useful and navigable

Your homepage must look great and appealing. But if the visitors are spending more-than-the-usual time on your homepage, it means they are confused. Your homepage should steer visitors to the next click quickly without a lot of scrolling. There are good-looking templates built into many CMS packages which can be used to make a worthy homepage. Among others, these are the main components you have to maintain on your homepage:

Simplicity: Not only schools but almost every organization that is not well-acquainted with smart web designs, makes the mistake of cramming too much content on their homepage. A congested homepage makes it unnavigable. Therefore, the key to making the best design is simplicity, making it easy to read.

Quick links: Quick links can direct the users to the most sought features. Hence, packing your homepage with quick links can help visitors cut through the clutter and save time.

News and Calendar: Most visitors to your school website are looking for upcoming holidays. A holiday calendar on the homepage makes it easier for those visitors to find it. And allotting a dedicated section of the latest news on the homepage design lets parents stay updated on the current affairs of the school.

Images: Including rotating images on the homepage is always a smart move. It makes the website more appealing and serves as a nice visual way to keep parents updated on important school events.

  1. Your website should be responsive

A responsive private school website design means it is easily usable on desktops and smartphones. As you can already guess, making responsive websites designs has become an intangible element of modern website design to make them accessible to all kinds of mobile devices. An intelligent and responsive web design automatically resizes and reformats the webpage according to the display specifications of the device it loads on.

A school website with a responsive design can be shared and viewed through email, Twitter, and Facebook. This is an advantage because today majority of us access the internet through smartphones.

  1. Meet website accessibility requirements

There are some organizations that regulate websites. To get approved by them, websites need to have certain things in place. The elements you need to take care of to get their approval are:

Add skip navigation link: When it is loaded, your private school website design will first display the navigation. If your website has a skip navigation button, the screen reader can easily bypass it to go on to the web page content. If your visitor does not want to listen to the navigation every time they land on the page, this proves to be helpful.

Images should have a descriptive ALT tag: The images you use on the website must contain a descriptive ALT tag or long description to let know the readers what the image is about.

Use title tag: If you use text links, it does not need additional descriptions. But, if you use ‘click here’ links, using a title tag and a description helps the visitor to understand what the link is about.

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