6 Benefits of Using The Combo of AngularJS And Ionic For Your Business

Angular Development and Ionic services comprise a significant contribution to the success of the hybrid application development approach. AngularJS enhanced the functionalities of the Ionic framework to become more efficient for developers by allowing them to hire top AngularJS developers and build a single development code for various platforms.

The combo of AngularJS and Ionic is rapidly emerging in the market and getting an appreciation of myriads of tech-savvy organizations and the community of product owners worldwide. Intended further to enlighten you with the efficiency of this combo, we will look at some main benefits of using AngularJS and Ionic development services as a combination.

Combined features of AngularJS and Ionic

Ionic is built on top of AngularJS. Eventually, it possesses various efficient features of AngularJS and thus acts as a more beneficial technology. The combination of AngularJS and Ionic gives rise to an all-inclusive platform providing UI, debugging, build, seamless performance and interaction.

With the capability of Ionic, AngularJS becomes one of the top-notch platforms having more than ten extensible choices and advanced components. However, all these components and features offer you some top-notch quality.

Improved Development

Ionic is one of the most impressive open-source SDKs for hybrid app development. The majority of product owners are choosing the Ionic framework. There are millions of apps built with Ionic. Most product owners complain about the efforts required to build screens and splash icons during the hybrid app development.

Ionic helps in making it a comparatively easier task; you just need to build two simple files with .pmg, .ai, or .psd extension in the primary resource directory; mention the template, and it’s all done. Using this or various other ways, Ionic simplifies the development process for your development team, which is possible due to the power of AngularJS.

Single Application for Various Mobile OS

Angular’s backing has allowed Ionic to present an entire library of optimized CSS and JS tools, HTML, and components in this combination. Furthermore, the combination of AngularJS and Ionic offers various benefits to product owners focused on hybrid app development. For example, AngularJS with Ionic lowers down your efforts in building codes for various platforms. It means a single app can run on multiple mobile platforms like Android, iOS, or Windows without any extra development time or effort.

Additional Benefits of AngularJS and Ionic Combo

The combo of AngularJS and Ionic is a remarkable transformation in the mobile application development economy. All you need is to hire AngularJS developers who have adequate knowledge of the Ionic framework to build scalable and swift applications. Besides this, there are the following benefits of using this fantastic combo of technologies:

  • Ionic provides you with a ready-to-use component for mobile with extensible and beautiful themes with typography adapting to different platforms. It offers various default JavaScript components and CSS tools like Form Inputs, Buttons, Tabs, Navigation, Prompts, Sliding Menus, etc. All the styles are simple, functional, and stylish.
  • The complete design of Ionic is based on the standard development SDKs; It is focused on native apps running inside Cordova or PhoneGap. AngularJS is pretty easy to use whilst interacting with external data sources and backend services.
  • Ionic’s CLI function helps product owners to develop, test, and deploy an application on different platforms using a single command. A few advanced features such as Logging and Live Reload also augment your experience.

AngularJS + Ionic Equals An Effectual Combination.

Most product owners have stated that Ionic and AngularJS are some of the most effective combinations of framework technologies. It has achieved crucial success creating an impressive SDK suitable for building feature-rich and robust mobile applications for various app stores, including Google Play, Apple Store, and Windows. Ionic has a large number of components extending to different advanced features and functionalities. AngularJS helps you make it possible to develop JavaScript portions of the hybrid mobile applications development while using the Ionic framework.

Wrapping Up 

With this robust combination of technologies, hybrid mobile application development is anticipated to dominate the mobile application development economy. Moreover, it will flourish in the upcoming era of technology. Keeping these hard facts in mind, you must choose a Hybrid approach for your app development project and, more crucially, use AngularJS and Ionic app development to make it highly successful in the application market. Ensure that your hybrid app development team must comprise reliable Angular programmers for hire to help you out with the best hybrid app development solutions.

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