6 Tips & Tricks to Create a Perfect Whiteboard Animation

There’s no denying the fact that whiteboard animations are great to watch. Furthermore, these videos are an incredible way of educating the audience. It is a great educational tool, as with it, the possibilities are endless!

Moreover, whiteboard animated videos are not only great educational tools but also excellent for marketing. According to a study, a whiteboard animated video used in a landing increases the conversion rate by 80%.

Anything that offers so many benefits does not come easy. Hundreds of animated videos are posted every day, with only a few achieving their purpose. Thus, the question that arises now is, what makes a few videos stand out? We are here to tell.

In this blog, we will discuss top tips by Animation Lane that will help you create a perfect whiteboard animation for your business.

6 Tips to Create a Perfect Whiteboard Animation

Are you looking for ways to perfect your whiteboard animation video? The following tips will help you do so.

1. Use A Compelling Story

The story is the backbone of the video. Nobody is going to stick to your video if it does not have an engaging story. A well-told story has the potential to attract and engage the audience. Therefore, use this potential to sell your product. In addition, always focus on the audiences and how your product will resolve their problems. Don’t focus entirely on the product features. For your explainer video’s script, always include a hook, a story, and a call to action.

2. Introduce Animated Characters

Make the video enjoyable with the introduction of animated characters. Choose characters that are relevant to the story that your video tells. Similarly, when designing these characters, always consider the potential viewer’s preference to make it memorable. If you find this difficult, you can always get help from a video animation company.

3. Keep it Traditional

Do not turn from the class whiteboard style. Although the technology has evolved, however, the reason why whiteboard animation videos are effective is the same. And that is the traditional style of the whiteboard explainer video. Make sure that your video has a white background and the drawing hand.

4. Add Colors, But Not Too Much

There is no harm in adding a little hint of colors to your whiteboard animated video. Firstly, choose colors that reflect your brand’s personality and message. Secondly, avoid adding too many colors, as it can distract the viewer from understanding the message of the video.

5. Use Emotional References

Studies show that humans make their purchase decision on the basis of their feelings. So, it is not just about your product. It is also about how your video makes them feel. Add emotions to your video. Be it happy, fun, or sympathetic. If you get successful in keeping the viewer emotional till the end of the video, they will more likely take the action that you are looking for.

6. Make it Educational Yet Entertaining

Simplify and explain complex topics but don’t forget to entertain the viewer in the process. Add entertaining elements, such as music, characters, script, story, etc. This will make the viewer stick to your video.

Final Words

A whiteboard explainer video is an excellent tool to communicate your message to the audience effectively. The tips we have mentioned will definitely work if you spend a good amount of time in the video creation process. Good luck!

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