7 Beautiful Places to Visit in Kelowna?

If you are wandering the city of Kelowna  then stop a while to read this article and get acquainted with its major scenes. Visit this city which is settled in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada, located over Okanagan Lake in the Okanagan Valley. 

You will be astonished in this gorgeous city which is the largest island city in British Columbia. 

So, folks, come to this city to admire its various positions and make unlimited amusing with Alaska Airlines reservations which are making this city a worth one!

Okanagan Lake

Okanagan Lake is one of the most stunning sights in the city of Kelowna having a large and deep lake in the Okanagan Valley, near Canada. Come to this site, to watch out how the water comes from the Okanagan River. This place is the most enchanting one showering the notable features of the lake including the terraces used for agricultural purposes such as fruit cultivation. 

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Mission Hill Family Estate Winery

Mission Hill family estate winery is another best place to visit in Kelowna which is the earliest vineyard. This site has modern buildings, with a famous amphitheater. Drop into this site which also has a good restaurant named Locavore. 

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Bear Creek Provincial Park

Bear Creek Provincial park is a huge park which is situated on the west side of Okanagan Lake. This famous park is a regional park in the city and offers some of the most splendid views. Visit this site to enjoy the beach and enjoy good hiking trails. Relish this pretty park that also provides tourists and locals for camping and hosting events here. 

Knox Mountain Park

Knox Mountain Park is a beautiful natural park in Kelowna that offers tons of panoramic views. This famous park provides an easy hike with various recreational areas. Come to this park and enjoy hiking at this place that leads to a stunning beach having crystal clear water. Enjoy this gorgeous beach offering several wonderful scenic views around the water and also enjoy water sports activities here at this gorgeous beach.

Big White Ski Resort

The big white ski resort is the best place to gain the best skiing experience that offers tons of specialized help for beginners. Visit this site in Kelowna that welcomes tourists here to spend some of the most amazing times and try the sport out at this resort. 

Wood Lake

Wood lake is one of the impressive places to visit, sheltering an attractive lake that has covered most of the Okanagan valley. come to this lake that has a chain of 5 lakes that come together to form Wood Lake. Enjoy your vacation wandering at this lake and explore the most attractive activity here. This lake also offers activities like fishing for Rainbow trout fish. So, friends, have a warm welcome in the city of Kelowna and adore all its fascinating sightseeing. So, make a plan to tour this city with Alaska Airlines Flight tickets and delight all the spectacular sites with kids to have an implausible experience.

Have a delightful vacation with your loved ones in this pure city!

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