7 Intuitive Android App Development Software to Build Apps Without Coding

“The easy way to your first app development project with an exclusive idea.” It sounds quite simple at first; however, you might have to agree with me on the fact that no one can nail their success without a relevant approach.

Build Applications Without Adequate Programming Skills

The quickest way to build smartphone programs is to utilize online solutions without knowing how to code. Or hire an android app development company.

Many solutions available online provide you with a modular system using which apps can be built for several purposes without any requirement of typical programming. This can be done by using an intuitive graphical user interface.

The software generates the technical code in the background by itself, so learning a programming technology is not a requirement.

Android App Development Solutions Without Coding


GoodBarber is an online platform that enables you to build a multi-platform app with ease by providing stepwise guidance. This comprehensive service offers various designs and different ergonomics. You can also modulate your application and perform configuration for everything, even encourage and track the statistics, audience, and widgets.

According to GoodBarber, building an app requires only three important steps: You design the entire environment of the app, addition of content, and the last one is testing.

GoodBarber is intuitive and flexible when it comes to the design and content of the app. It also gives you the benefit of testing your app several times on your smartphone.


One of the fastest emerging services, Appypie, is renowned globally and mentioned on VentureBeat or in the Wall Street Journal. It enables the design of apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

Once launched, these apps appear directly in their respective marketplaces, including that of Appy Pie. Appypie facilitates the entire development process precisely like an iOS or Android app development company.

Advanced features like social networks, push notifications, photo albums, blogs, data sharing modes, and dedicated features to restaurant apps are available. You can also get the benefit of GPS trackers to target customers on the basis of geographical area.

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie provides you with extremely advanced functionalities like geo-localized targeting of app content, community, marketing automation, and social functions. 

This robust service is well-known for its reasonably high rates in comparison with its competitors.

App Makr

AppMakr is a multi-platform site that enables you to build sustainable apps for free. No matter how many designs you make, it will not ask you to pay anything. You can allow HTML5 content, push notifications, HD photo galleries, etc.

One of the key benefits of AppMakr is that the app you have built will be recognized and published in your name and not by AppMakr.

Despite being a free-of-cost service, it’s not done, however, with ease; it uses the involvement of the appearance of ads on your creation.

The AppBuilder

AppBuilder is one of the complete development softwares. It also enables you to incorporate RSS feeds, PDF files, your online presence, or your website.

The service provides you with a lot of designs that you can customize according to your taste or your brand.

After taking the benefits of the test system in a few taps, you can publish it on online platforms like Google Play Store or Apple App Store and even establish enhancements.

The complete setup in AppBuilder works by drag and drop style. You can customize the template by writing your name and modifying the colour combinations of the environment.


The MakeMeDroid is a comprehensive platform for app development. The complete work interface on this platform gives you the accessibility to the mobile screens that you will eventually have to join together according to your desires.

It will only be necessary to finish with the texts and visuals that you need.

You need to spend only two hours building a blog-type app without testing on a smartphone as an emulator is there to help you simultaneously.


AppMachine is one of the most powerful app creation platforms. With AppMachine, you get a lot of possibilities at your fingertips. Using the Impress.ly feature, you can build a straightforward HTML5 app as a smartphone version of your website using the Impress.ly feature or create an advanced native mobile app.

You can use the online editor on AppMachine to write the app content or directly extract the content from your website.

The AppMachine editor is divided into various sections. The general architecture of the application is presented as Lego blocks, and every section, such as layout, content, settings, etc., appears in a side menu. In other events, the real-time preview is available for you. 

Wrapping Up

These are famous examples of web solutions helping users wonder how to build a mobile app without any programming languages. If you want to develop a minimalistic app, then every option in this list is beneficial to you. But, when it comes to innovative ideas, you must prefer a reliable iOS or Android app development company to build your dream app.

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