7 Reasons Everyone Should Visit Castries?

A beautiful land surrounded by deep-water and a castle guards the village on Mount Fortune. Yes, we are talking about Castries. This place is world-famous for shipment of bananas, rum, sugarcane, molasses, coconuts, cacao, copra, limes and lime juice, bay rum, essential oils, and much more. Do you know it is one of the great places for tourists as well? Yes, not only for merchants, it is a popular tourist attraction also. So here we are with the top 7 reasons why you should visit Castries once in a lifetime and you must check it before booking your Caribbean Airlines Flights.

For stunning scenic view:

There are lots of eye-catchy and heart taking views of mountains, beaches and trails. The volcanic peaks were visible as we reached the island. The Pitons’ twin summits are located to the south. The thick jungle covers much of the island’s interior. Hairpin twists, twists and twirls their way up and down into the rainforest’s heart. Mt Gimie, in the middle part of the country, is the highest peak

The Beaches and Water Sports

There are several beaches to select from. Even if they are attached to a beach resort, all beaches in St Lucia are available to the public.

Beaches may be found on all sides of the islands. With their vast expanses of sand, the majority of the resorts are on the island’s leeward side. The most powerful waves may be found on the west side, and we could see them as we drove to the airport. Get great deals on Caribbean Airlines Tickets and explore these lovely beaches.

Sulphur Springs

While the springs’ distinctive appearance may not be as conventionally attractive as the other locations on the list, the mud baths are believed to have a beautifying impact on those who participate. This epitome of St Lucian natural beauty, in a manner, transmits beauty to people who see it. That’s perhaps why USA Tod ranked Sulphur Springs as the best attraction in the Caribbean.

Sulphur Springs, touted as the Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano, is the hottest and most active geothermal region in the Lesser Antilles.

Bathe in the warm sulphuric pools just outside the springs, which are said to have calming properties. Caribbean Airlines Flight Booking service is offering a great price to make your holiday memorable.

Tet Paul Nature Trail

The route ends with the stairway to heaven,’ which leads to a vantage point with a panoramic view of St Lucia’s scenery and seas. Learn about medicinal plants and trees along the mild route, try rare tropical fruits, and learn about the ancient Amerindian technique of cassava cultivation. Along the journey, you’ll observe a lot of pineapples growing. The Tet Paul Nature Trail is a 45-minute vigorous hike where you will view and learn about a variety of interesting things.

Food in Castries:

Multicuisine restaurants are available here for all types of food lovers. Some restaurants also offer live music and an amazing water view with a restaurant which is enough to make your dinner a memorable evening.

Marigot Bay

It’s best viewed from a vista point along the road that connects the main Caribbean coastal route to the bay itself. Yachts bob in the blue waters of the bay, and verdant hills lead to a beautiful palm-fringed beach. The British fleet is supposed to have concealed from the French by covering their masts with cloth since the harbour is so deep and sheltered.

 It’s best seen from a vantage point on the road that connects the major Caribbean coastal route to the bay itself. Yachts bob on the bay’s turquoise waters, and lush slopes lead to a lovely palm-fringed beach. Because the harbour is so deep and protected, the British fleet is said to have hidden from the French by covering their masts with palm fronds.


The market is open every day, but Saturday is the busiest. The vibrant Castries market, located at the easternmost point of the port, is an excellent spot to get a taste of local life. You can purchase Batiks, banana bottles of ketchup, woodcarvings, spice gift baskets, essential oils, hot-pepper sauces, and tequila for yourself and your loved one; all these things are popular at this place. Handicrafts, locally grown organic fruits and vegetables are available.

These are seven popular reasons which make this place perfect for everyone, and you should visit this amazing place once in a lifetime for a never forgettable experience. Book your Caribbean flights ticket today and explore this unique place with your friends and family.

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