Advantages of sectional garage doors

Nowadays there are different types of garage doors: sectional, overhead, swing or sliding, etc., although overhead doors are the most common because they make better use of space, sectional doors are gaining ground.


Sectional garage doors get their name from the horizontal sections, which are made up of double slats that, when opened, rise, fold, and run parallel to the ceiling.

Sectional garage doors have multiple advantages, among which are:

  • They are adaptable, that is, sectional doors can go with the style of any house, be it minimalist, modern, and even rustic, among others. This is because the mechanism of action of these doors adapts to almost any material. In addition, windows can be included if required.
  • They do not take up too much space, sectional doors are perfectly hidden because they rise towards the ceiling.
  • Variable opening: some garage door opening systems tend to be slightly variable and, therefore, do not adapt to the design of some houses. Sectional doors are ideal, for example, for houses with sloping carports.
  • Inexpensive maintenance: of the few maintenances that is required are the batteries for the remote controls that open them, and the cleaning and lubrication of the rails every a certain amount of time. In fact, many of these doors don’t even require service, because they last a long time, although most people have them checked by a specialist every so often.
  • Custom Made – Many doors already come shaped or will not fit smaller or larger garages than usual. Sectional doors can be tailored to what each client requires.
  • Much safer: security is a necessity today and sectional doors are manufactured with panels that go one over the other, so there are no gaps or spaces and makes them safer than others. In addition, the way in which they are opened makes them much more difficult to violate because they require codes or a remote control to open them.
  • Convenience in opening, they have a great advantage in the matter of comfort, since they have automatic opening remotely or from the inside.


This type of door can be installed in any garage you want, regardless of its size, design or location, since they are highly adaptable. The most important thing, however, is that it is always installed by professional hands, as it requires knowledge to get the most out of the door.

As experts in automatic doors, we will let you know which are the possibilities that best suit the design of your home and you can choose to have your garage door made to measure and however you want, but without losing the potential of this type. of doors.

On the other hand, you will have at your disposal the guarantee that the professionals will do a good job and that, if something goes wrong or you are not satisfied with the results, you can call us to solve it.

In the same way, you can come to us when your sectional door requires maintenance, although as we have already mentioned, it will not be necessary that you have to go unless something has broken or the system fails. Cleaning these doors is very simple and many people even do them themselves, although it is never bad for a professional to take a look from time to time.

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