Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority Recruitment Circular 2023

 Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority Recruitment Circular 2023: Opportunities for a Thriving Water Transport Sector

The Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) plays a crucial role in developing and regulating the country’s inland water transport sector. Recognizing the importance of a skilled workforce, BIWTA has released its highly anticipated recruitment circular for the year 2023. This circular presents a range of exciting opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the thriving water transport industry of Bangladesh.


Expanding the Inland Water Transport Sector:

Bangladesh boasts an extensive network of rivers, making it a prime location for developing a robust inland water transport system. The government, along with BIWTA, is committed to revitalizing this sector by introducing modern infrastructure, improving navigational safety, and promoting employment opportunities. The recruitment circular is a significant step towards achieving these objectives.


Diverse Job Roles:

The BIWTA recruitment circular 2023 offers a diverse range of job roles, catering to individuals with different skill sets and qualifications. The circular includes positions for engineers, marine professionals, administrative staff, technicians, and many more. From onshore management roles to sailing opportunities on river vessels, there are positions available at various levels of expertise and experience.


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Competitive Remuneration and Benefits:

BIWTA recognizes the importance of attracting and retaining top talent. As such, the recruitment circular highlights competitive remuneration packages and attractive benefits. The salaries offered are commensurate with industry standards and provide employees with a stable and rewarding career in the water transport sector. Additionally, employees can enjoy perks such as medical insurance, retirement benefits, and opportunities for professional development and growth.

Commitment to Safety and Sustainability:

BIWTA places great emphasis on safety and sustainability in the inland water transport sector. The recruitment circular showcases the authority’s commitment to fostering a culture of safety and implementing environmentally friendly practices. Candidates joining BIWTA will have the opportunity to contribute to these initiatives, ensuring that water transport in Bangladesh becomes safer and more sustainable for both passengers and the environment.

How to Apply::

Applicants interested in pursuing a career in the water transport sector can find detailed instructions on how to apply in the recruitment circular. The circular provides information about the application process, eligibility criteria, required documents, and important dates. Candidates are encouraged to thoroughly review the circular and submit their applications within the specified timeframe.


The Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority Recruitment Circular 2023 presents an exciting array of employment opportunities for individuals interested in contributing to the development of the country’s water transport sector. With competitive remuneration packages, a commitment to safety and sustainability, and a diverse range of job roles, joining BIWTA can be a fulfilling career choice. Aspiring candidates are encouraged to seize this opportunity and embark on a journey towards a vibrant future in Bangladesh’s inland water transport industry.

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