Best Summer Destinations in Nashville?

Nashville has a multitude of locations where you may spend a full day learning about the city’s culture and exploring it. So, in this piece, we’ll tell you about some of Nashville’s best-kept secrets. You’ll have to travel a little further if you want to explore some hidden weekend spots near Nashville. Nashville International Airport is in the southeastern area of the city, Tennessee. Spirit Airlines Reservations connects this airport with all major cities and countries.

Smokey mountain

Because the mountain is at an elevation of 2,025 metres, you must be physically fit to reach the summit. Nashville is already a vibrant metropolis in the United States, and the big smokey mountain on Tennessee’s northern border with North Carolina adds to the natural beauty of the area. Because it is covered in snow all year, many people choose to visit the Great Smoky Mountains in the summer. From the city, these high-pointed mountains are clearly seen. Furthermore, if you enjoy hiking, trekking, or camping, we recommend that you pay a visit to this extremely stunning weekend destination in Nashville.


Pittsburgh is a city in the southern United States with a variety of picturesque attractions. The city is bordered on three sides by mountains, and on the fourth side by Guntersville Lake. Marion County offers a wide range of adventurous and leisure activities. In the afternoon, drive to the South Pittsburg mountain route to reach the mountains. The entire South Pittsburg mountain range shines with the appearance of sun rays falling on snow. Don’t forget to check Spirit Airlines Official website for profitable offers and deals.


This restaurant comes highly recommended by foodies, since it provides some of Tennessee’s greatest seafood. Because it is a historic city, you will find everything old school here. If you’re in Knoxville, get the shrimp quesadillas, wild mushroom stone-fired pizza, and pesto grilled chicken sliders, as well as some thick smoothies. There are a number of museums along the roadway that tell the history of East Tennessee, as well as stores and restaurants that draw people looking for a bite to eat on hot afternoons. People from all over the world flocked to Knoxville to sample the delectable foods. If you are busy with your schedule, Spirit Airlines Flight booking can be done online in simple steps.

Asheville, North Carolina

In western North Carolina, the city of Asheville is surrounded by blue ridge mountains, historic buildings, and a bustling cultural scene. Book your Spirit Flight ticket and enjoy the cultural beauty of this place.There are several options for art and enjoyment in Asheville. Gastronomic delights, shopping possibilities, and music are all available. Because the roadway is bordered by lakes, beaches, swimming holes, parks, and gardens, this is a fantastic weekend escape in Nashville.

The Unaka mountain range

On the Tennessee-North Carolina border, the Unaka Range is a group of mountains. The Unaka mountain range got its name from the Unakite granite stone that was discovered there originally. You may go to the top of the hill to experience nature’s silent beauty or camp in the woods. The Unaka mountains have a total of ten mountain summits. The Unaka mountain range is a great place to visit with family or friends for a weekend getaway in Nashville.

Pigeon Forge

It’s also known as the city’s family vacation centre. Pigeon Forge is located three hours from Nashville and is the most adventurous destination for locals. You will be able to participate in a variety of exciting activities while spending time in the great outdoors. If you’re searching for an inexpensive vacation in Nashville, Pigeon Forge is the place to go. This location will fulfil your undiscovered fantasy, from comic acts to scenic views of nature. In the evening, you may go to the sunset point to photograph the gloaming twilight. Don’t forget to avail offers on spirit airlines tickets.

Nashville is loaded with natural beauty. This place offers all types of activities for everyone which makes it a must visit destination. Some of the cities near Nashville are on the coast, which makes for a beautiful picture for visitors. However, there are a few places that are only a short drive from Nashville. So plan your next trip to Nashville and collect some life time memories.

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