Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited Recruitment Notice 2023

Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited Recruitment Notice 2023

Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL) Recruitment: Unlocking Opportunities in the Telecommunication Sector


The Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL) has long been a key player in the country’s telecommunication sector, ensuring seamless connectivity through its robust submarine cable network. As the demand for reliable and high-speed internet services continues to grow, BSCCL has embarked on a recruitment drive to strengthen its workforce and expand its operations. This recruitment effort presents a unique opportunity for individuals seeking to contribute to the country’s digital transformation and play a crucial role in the telecommunications industry.


BSCCL is committed to providing affordable and uninterrupted connectivity to its customers, both domestically and internationally. By maintaining multiple submarine cable connections, the company ensures reliable internet access for businesses, educational institutions, and individuals across Bangladesh. The company’s recruitment drive aims to attract talented professionals who can enhance BSCCL’s capabilities and contribute to its mission of delivering world-class telecommunication services.

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One of the key areas where BSCCL is seeking expertise is in the field of network engineering. As the backbone of the company’s operations, network engineers play a critical role in designing, implementing, and maintaining the infrastructure required to support high-speed internet connectivity. Additionally, BSCCL is also looking for professionals with expertise in project management, cybersecurity, system administration, and customer support.

Joining BSCCL offers numerous benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth. The company provides a dynamic and inclusive work environment, fostering collaboration and innovation among its employees. As part of a highly skilled and dedicated team, individuals will have the chance to work on cutting-edge projects, leveraging advanced technologies to enhance telecommunication services in the country.

Moreover, BSCCL places a strong emphasis on employee development and offers training programs to enhance skills and knowledge in relevant areas. By investing in its workforce, the company ensures that its employees stay abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies, enabling them to deliver exceptional performance and drive organizational success.

To apply for a position at BSCCL, interested candidates can visit the company’s official website and submit their applications through the designated online portal. The recruitment process includes various stages, such as screening of applications, written tests, interviews, and assessments, to identify the most suitable candidates.

In conclusion, the recruitment drive by the Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited presents an exciting opportunity for individuals interested in contributing to the telecommunication sector’s growth and development. With its focus on providing reliable connectivity and fostering innovation, BSCCL offers a conducive environment for professionals to excel in their careers. By joining BSCCL, individuals can become part of a team that is shaping the future of telecommunications in Bangladesh and playing a vital role in the country’s digital transformation.

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