Build a Buffet in Your Pet’s Bowl

Dogs and cats require a healthy whole food diet to remain active, happy, and live their longest life. Most pet food options available in the market today are nutritionally void and do not provide everything your pet needs. This is why it is always a good idea to add variety and whole foods to your pet’s meals. Like humans, they can get bored of eating the same thing every day and suffer from foot fatigue! Answers Fermented Raw Pet Food is a great solution for your furry family because the company provides a wide range of meal options, treats, and supplements. You can choose something nutritious, delicious, and interesting. Here’s a look at some of the options:


Nibbles are bite-sized pet food items that are packed full of nutrients. They are a fermented raw food made with meat, organs, powdered bone and organic vegetables which is very appealing to pets of all sizes and ages. Nibbles are full of protein and will ensure your pet is always energetic. These nutrient-dense bites can also help pets maintain a healthy weight and avoid complications later on. Answers Pet Food nibbles are available in a wide range of options like chicken, pork, turkey, and beef so you can always rotate your proteins and provide your pet with a balanced diet.


We always want to provide a species appropriate, whole food diet for our pets. Answers Pet Food Patties are the perfect solution because they are easy to serve and provide the most bioavailable nutrients on the market because they are fermented. They’re just as nutritionally dense as nibbles and are a little larger in size, providing your pet with a fulfilling meal. Patties are ideal for dogs that are picky eaters and don’t like dry food. They also contain a blend of meat, organs and organic vegetables, providing all of the nutrition your pet needs to remain healthy. You can choose options like beef, pork, chicken, and turkey. This makes it easy to switch things up and ensure your pet not only doesn’t get bored with their food, but eats a balanced diet too!

Milk Options

Adding a little bit of milk to your pet’s meal ensures they get some vital nutrients and remain hydrated. Milk or kefir is also suitable for young puppies that have just been weaned and need some sort of replacement. Raw milks provide a natural source of probiotics and act as a natural tummy tamer which makes milk the perfect transitioning tool when you’re changing your pet’s food. Answers dog food product line includes options like raw goat milk and cow kefir. These milk products are specifically formulated to aid in digestion and promote good gut bacteria.


Stocks are also a great way to add some nutrition and hydration to your pet’s diet. These stocks are usually made from the bones of the animal and provide a great boost to a dog or cat. They’re whole foods formulated to aid in digestion and are rich in both vitamins and minerals. These are supplemental ingredients that you can add to your dog’s bowl or provide between meals. You can choose fermented turkey stock and fermented fish stock for your pet.


Treats are something our furry guys have become used to and can help us not only strengthen our bond with them, but also help them to learn new tricks. Answers dog food lineup contains a wide range of treat options like goat milk cheese treats with cranberries, cherries, or blueberries.

Duck Eggs

Duck eggs are the perfect way to give your dog’s meal a nutrient boost while making it fun to eat. They are for supplemental feeding so be sure to add them to the pet’s bowl along with their regular food.

All of these options are formulated for pets and are safe to consume. Products like Answers dog food can help you ensure your pet is always happy to eat and gets the energy it needs.

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