Six Camping Activities To Keep Your Toddler Happy

Family camping is never short on fun and adventures should you not meet an accident. From hiking and playing to sitting around the campfire and roasting chicken pieces, every moment is amazing. Being a parent, you need to search for camping activities that will keep your toddler happy. We have put together a list of toddler-friendly activities that can make your camping trip perfect. You can sit back and enjoy your kid playing around with nature. Keep reading to know what is in the box for you!

Toddler-Friendly Camping Activities:

Camping should bring equal fun for toddlers and adults. Various kid-friendly activities can make your kids enjoy their day out in the woods. These activities will help your kid find a good state of mental and physical health. Hence, you should try overnight camping Dubai and let your kid play some wonderful camping activities.

1. Craft crate:

Do you think art and craft are just homely activities? You need to think out of the box! Think of bringing your craft materials with you and asking your kid to show his art skills in the wood. Bring the craft crate with you containing watercolors, coloring books, papers, and crayons. A separate bag for such items would be great.

After your kid is done with the breakfast, allow him to sit quietly in nature and observe things. He will pick and draw objects that hit his mind. Isn’t it a great way to make your toddler a good observant? Let his imagination go wild while playing art!

2. Nature art:

Taking contact papers with you will help your toddler make his collection of natural doves. Let your toddler take a walk and collect leaves, petals, wildflowers, and moss. Once the collection is ready, your toddler can creatively place them on the contact paper, taking some memories home.

A well-created nature art will help your kid’s creativity level to grow. Once ready, you will have a splendid piece of art to decorate your child’s room, reminding him of the camping trip you had.

3. Scavenger hunt:

Another kid-friendly activity that will equally engage the adults is making a scavenger list and searching for them. Nature is home to various colorful objects, and your kid needs to explore them. Place different objects on the scavenger list and let your toddler find them in the woods.

The activity is no less than a game, and kids put all their energy into finding the scattered objects. You can also reward a kid with the most findings. The following are common objects you should place on your scavenger list.

  • Birds’ feathers
  • Smooth stones
  • Jagged stones
  • Pinecone
  • Acorn
  • Twig

You can add more objects to the list, depending on the campground and the surroundings.

4. Rock painting:

Asking your kid to find some cool-shaped rocks for painting is equal to putting extra energy into him. He will never run short on finding such stones for arts and painting. If nature is cooperative, he will return with a bunch of nice and smooth stones to be painted.

Once the rocks are collected, take out the acrylic and ask him to go creative. Announcing a reward for an excellent painting will expand his ideas, and the result can be extravagant. Camping with kids is a greater chance to elevate your kid’s skills and observations, and you must go camping once a month.

5. Rock sculptures:

If you are camping on a beachside, making rock sculptures could be the best activity your toddler can try. Take him for a walk and collect various stones on the beach. Give your kid the idea about how to do it and let him be involved in it.

Your kid will quickly learn its hang, and the activity will add immense fun to the day. Sculpting rocks on the campground is not only a toddler activity but adults can also try their balancing skills.

6. Nature walks:

Do you want to make your kid fall in love with nature? Take him for a walk in the woods. The silence of the woods, periodically broken with birds’ songs, will refresh your minds, and you will end up loving the place.

Walking in nature requires no rush, and you can take as much long as you want. The mesmerizing effects of nature will lock you in the moments for a while, giving your mind a fresh start. Activities like this are not only good for physical but mental health as well.

Explore the Beautiful Bature by Camping!

Camping on various grounds will expose you to various physical and mental benefits. Nature has immense power to calm your nerves and bring peace to your hectic routine. These benefits are well availed through long camping trips. Try them out with your loved ones!

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