Car Deep cleaning: what it takes and what we do

Under the seats

We go to areas that are often avoided due to their difficult access. Our team has dry suction tools to collect small and large debris. This removes food scraps and other items. Our steam then penetrates under the seats so that no area behind is left uncovered.

Air vents

Like oven ducts in a home, a car’s air vents collect dust, allergens, and potentially bacteria. We use a steam cleaner for the air vents inside cars. You will be impressed to see this process as it takes place. We connect the vaporizer to the appropriate ventilation inlet on your system. High-temperature steam runs through your entire ventilation system, cleaning and sanitizing all the way to the outlet. Provide air to your family and friends through a clean and sanitized ventilation system.

All knobs, buttons and levers

Look around you everywhere inside your vehicle and you will see trim. Complete the look. We take pride and clean every inch that runs the length of your car, truck, or SUV.

You and your passengers turn, press, and touch all of your car’s many controls. We will not forget any of them as we thoroughly review each one with our cleaning machine. Each one comes out clean and sanitized.


Clean windows are a key to safe driving. Dust collects on the inside of the windows. We will clean all the windows on your car. This includes the windshield, side windows, rear windows, sunroof, and windows of an SUV. We will use steam and a clean microfiber cloth to remove the dust. Now your entrance to the road is clear!

Dashboard indicators

See and read your meters with new clarity thanks to our cleaning process. We will blow the corners so that there is no dust. Your car will look great.

Box of gloves

Every part of the car deserves to be clean. We clean the front, then open the glove box if you wish, and let the steam in to clean and disinfect. We make sure that no document is bent or damp in the process.


We will not forget any details. Rest assured that your rear-view mirror and visor mirrors will reflect like new when you pick up your car.

Cup holder

Coffee and other drinks spill and drip into a car. From the bottom up, we clean every cup holder on your car, truck or SUV.

Child car seats

Potentially one of the dirtiest items in the car can be the child safety seat. Nobody wants their child in a dirty seat with food and drink particles stuck to the fabric. We thoroughly steam clean your baby’s seat. Our process reaches the corners where the seat meets the back. The car seat is another area that can benefit from mold removal. Our high-temperature steam takes care of that and other contaminants. Your youngest passenger is now safer.


Passengers carry germs and other natural or man-made pollutants into their car. Steam is a highly recommended medium for cleaning and disinfecting a car. We use the most up-to-date vaporizers that deliver exactly the right amount of steam at the right temperature and pressure. He leaves with a sanitized and protected vehicle for his family and friends.

Our interior cleaning services

You won’t find many autos detailing services that provide the deep cleaning that we do. Our service focuses on using the best equipment, materials and techniques for the interior surface. We use up-to-date equipment that has been overhauled to consistently deliver steam and cleaning solutions for the interior of your car.

Our cleaning cloths and detergents will not harm the interior of your car. We use microfiber cloths to protect the most vulnerable surfaces, such as leather seats. We will always begin detailing work with fresh, clean and hygienic microfiber cloths for car cleaning in Christchurch.

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