Cell phone spy software Vs Malware: Are They the Same?

by George Thomas
cell phone spy software

Last night one of my uncles was in the city and we met for the dinner. It was a light mood family dinner until someone asked him why he was in the town in the first place on such short notice. Well, that was enough to flair him up for good. For the record, he works in a private organization in a small town. He told us that he was suspicious that the higher authorities and boss are monitoring the employee somehow but they did not know if it was legal or possible. But one day one of the bosses just casually admit that of course they are being monitored and it is their basic right. Well, I and some other people dare to respond casually as well after listening to his debate that it is natural for any organization to keep a check on the employee activities.

Well, he was half-heartedly convinced after meeting his lawyer. I guess I became the punching bag for all of his employers and organization as I was the youngest there who dared to talk back. Agreeing with the truth and his company was not the right thing to do at the dinner time as that made him more furious.  He was mad and kept on talking about why is it legal to hack into someone else device or to use cell phone spy software. I patiently listened to it all. He was in the city to confirm all the legal formalities. When they told him it was he was disappointed. 

He will eventually know the importance of employee monitoring using new tools and technologies but I made a decision. He was not in the right mood to listen to me but I decided that I will tell him about this stuff when he will be less mad.

So here I am talking about some of the biggest misunderstandings regarding simple cell phone spy software or any other spyware for monitoring purposes.


Malware is a generic term that is used for all types of malicious apps or software. The basic purpose of malware is to attack the target and destroy their data. Of course, it is not legal to use the malware for anyone. Most importantly one can put malware through an email, or internet link remotely as well.


Spyware on other hand is a type of malware that is used to monitor or in other words collect information about other parties. They are made for monitoring or keeping a check and it is legal to use a spying app for android with some terms and conditions. You can simply say that they can be used to get the personal information of a person. You can tell them about it or can keep it a secret as spyware can work in the background quietly without letting the target know.

Monitoring Not Hacking!:

The right word that should be used while talking about cell phone spy software or just spyware is monitoring not hacking. Hacking into someone’s system is illegal and you can be punished but on the other hand, monitoring is your basic right if you follow the rules and regulations.

  • It is your right and duty to keep a check on your minor kid. They are your responsibility so make sure they’re using the online space safely or know if someone is stalking them in real life I think is a necessary task.
  • Similarly, as an employer, it is our right to keep a strict monitoring eye on the productivity of the employees. Of course, the organization pays for work so if they want to make sure that you follow the protocol and be loyal to them then why is it wrong. It will only be wrong if the organization tries to monitor the employees through personal devices. Any organization is allowed to monitor the employees by using cell phone spy software only through the company-owned device.

Cell phone spy software OgyMogy:

Let’s take the example for real life. Cell phone spy software named OgyMogy offers extraordinary monitoring features for parents and employees. Keep in mind that spyware can not be installed remotely like malware or virus. You need to have physical access to the target device to safely install the app. Once you are done you can monitor the target incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, emails, screen activities, and much more.

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