Check How to Convert m² to ft² or sq meter to sq feet

After a difficult period, the real estate sector in India is again showing promise, and according to some reports, it is likely to reach $650 billion by 2025. The potential of this country’s real estate sector is immense, and such growth also calls for standardisation, mainly in property land measurement.

In this regard, individuals should learn the procedure to convert square metres to square feet needs to be in line with the requirements of a lender when they apply for a loan against property.

How to convert sq meter to sq feet?

Converting sq. metre to sq. feet is not a difficult process. One can complete it easily once they know the value of one square metre against one square foot. 1 sq. mt. = 10.76391 sq. ft.

Alternatively, individuals can also divide a number by 0.09290304 to convert square feet to square metres.

However, manual calculations always leave the possibility of errors. Hence, using an online area conversion calculator can fast-track this process and eliminate any possibility of errors. Errors in this regard can compromise financial planning when you intend to use a property for a loan. Therefore, it’s one of the essential factors to consider when availing a loan against property. 

How to use an online calculator?

Using a calculator to convert square metres to square feet requires one to complete the following steps –

Step 1: Visit a land measurement unit converter portal

Step 2: Enter the property information in the specific fields

Step 3: Select the correct area unit from the dropdown menu

Step 4: Get the required value in square feet or any other unit of choice

What are the benefits of an online unit converter?

Using an online calculator like this to convert sq meter to sq feet has its share of advantages. Here are some highlights –

  1. Online devices like these streamline the calculation process by providing instant results.
  2. They also ensure accurate results as they use an in-built algorithm to eliminate any mistakes.
  3. Also, it allows unlimited usage without any cost. Thus, one can use it multiple times without incurring any charge.

Moreover, being accustomed to an online calculator of this sort can aid borrowers during their mortgage loan application. They can learn about the property size per the measurement unit followed by the lender. Additionally, they can be aware of charges on LAP and others by using land measurement calculators available on the website of specific lenders.

Apart from knowing the process of converting sq meter to sq feet, one must also be aware of the other standardised measurement units used in different regions of India. It will help them during the application of loan against property.

Other units of measurement


Represented as ‘Ha’, it is the only non-SI unit used in SI unit parameters. Now, 1 hectare = about 1 lakh square feet. Hectare is primarily used to measure large areas like agricultural fields, forests, etc.

Square yard

A square yard is a larger measurement unit than square feet and 1 sq. yard = 9 sq. feet. It’s primarily for measuring residential properties in India and countries like the UK, Canada, and the USA. Moreover, states such as Haryana uses it to measure circle rates.


It is another popular unit of measurement for land and properties. One acre stands for 0.405 hectares. This unit is primarily used in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, but one can also find its usage in India. An acre is used to define large land and property areas.

Being aware of the units of measurement is essential before applying for any property mortgage loan like LAP. It aids individuals to calculate and find out the loan amount in advance. However, one must also meet the simple eligibility criteria of this financial product before availing it.

Alternatively, individuals can use pre-approved offers for a streamlined and time-efficient application process. It is available on financial products like home loans and LAP. Applicants can check their pre-approved offers by submitting essential contact details.

Converting sq. metre to sq. feet can be a cumbersome process. However, using a calculator can make this process convenient. It provides a fair idea to borrowers about their loan quantum in advance. But they must also know the factors to consider while taking a loan against property before applying.

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