In a society increasingly committed to the environment and in the midst of the battle for energy saving, the use of natural sources and resources to obtain energy has led to an increase in the installation of renewable energy systems and equipment at the domestic level. One of the most popular are solar panels.

When it comes to large photovoltaic energy equipment, cleaning these plates becomes the task of specialized cleaning companies, such as ours, because they have to carry out work at height and require some professional experimentation. But when we talk about small private installations in residential uses, there are many owners who do not know how it is necessary to carry out the proper maintenance and cleaning of this equipment to enjoy all the power generated by the panels and thus obtain their highest performance.

That is why today, from Housekeeping Agency in Vadodara, as a professional company, we want to dedicate this article to talk about it and collaborate, not only to maintain the facilities and do the cleaning that corresponds to them, but also to help you improve the investment made so that it lasts for many years.

How to clean solar panels at home

Cleaning solar panels does not involve great complications. It is not necessary to remember that the conventional surface is glass, so we could say that it is about cleaning glass. Some glasses a little peculiar, but to which we must pay a little more attention than those of the windows and doors of our home. And it is that, depending on the dirt they contain and if we do not use the appropriate tools to clean them, we can scratch the glass and cause deterioration in the proper functioning of the installation. Conventional plates are very delicate and can break or be scratched if we step on them, so we must carefully watch how we do the work and thus avoid that a stumble ends up damaging the performance of the equipment.

Don’t worry about damaging the internal circuits. Being facilities designed to withstand and suffer all kinds of external agents, they are perfectly sealed.

Another important issue that you should take into account is the problem of security in accessing the plates when cleaning them. Depending on the space available, the stability of the area, the slope of the roof … All this contributes to facilitating or preventing a more effective cleaning of the solar panels.

And one last tip when planning the cleaning of your photovoltaic installation is to recommend that you do it on a day with good weather conditions. No rain or wind, and after the hours of greatest direct incidence of the Sun on them. In addition to avoiding slips, or seeing yourself burned by the star king, you will be effective when cleaning, since you will prevent the steps, you take cleaning from being carried out in vain, when removing dirt.

Steps to follow

If we are ready, taking into account the security that must be maintained during the process, and we have everything ready; We can follow these simple steps to clean our solar panels:

  1. Pour water -with the hose or with a bucket- to initially remove dust, insects and other accumulated surface dirt, and to avoid scratching the glass panels.
  2. On a sponge or soft brush, apply dish soap and scrub lightly. Remains such as droppings are the most difficult to remove. We will have to insist a little more on them. We can use a telescopic handle to reach hard-to-reach areas.
  3. Rinse the soap and dirt residues with plenty of water.
  4. Dry with cotton cloths that do not leave any lint on the surface of the glass.

Other tips

One last point regarding the cleaning of solar panels would be the periodicity with which we must practice it. In reality, there is no rule that requires it to be carried out sooner or later. It varies depending on the environmental conditions of each place. A house on the beach aimed at gavinas is not the same as one on the mountain where snow and ice can accumulate. In general lines, but, and in the best conditions, carrying out an annual cleaning is the most recommended. Obviously, if it is convenient to shorten or lengthen deadlines, there is no problem.

As you can see, cleaning solar panels is not a very complicated task. It is issues such as personal safety or accessibility that make it difficult. Therefore, if you prefer to save yourself any discomfort and enjoy a professional cleaning, it is better to trust cleaning companies like ours, where we have all the means, products and safety guarantees to carry out this type of work.

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