How To enable the access control in the Nexxt Solution WiFi Router?

The Nexxt Solution WiFi Router provides smooth HD streaming of videos and music with high speed. It has four amplifying antennas that provide stability in the speed of the internet connection. The Nexxt router is compiled with 802.11ac technology which is part of the modern generation and boosts the wifi speed two times by enabling the faster N technology. You can also enable parental control settings. With the use of parental control, you can block unwanted sites for the safety of your child. Also, you can limit the time to access the wifi connection. If your child always sticks with online games then this is the perfect option for your home network.

The Nexxt Solution WiFi Router also supports the WDS bridge so it can work as an access point. It has the highest demand in the small office, restaurants and obviously for homes. Also, it provides advanced security features that help to protect your network connection from internet threats.

Before Installation of the Nexxt Solution WiFi Router

Before the installation of the Nexxt Solution WiFi Router, you need to follow some tips so that your router can work smoothly. These steps are known as preliminary steps. In which you have to take care of instructions before establishing the router. As you know the Nexxt router can work as a wireless AP mode and universal repeater. Make sure to read the manual guide carefully before the installation of the router. You have also chosen the appropriate connection type from the list of the connection and selected which connection type is suitable for your Nexxt router.

Also, you have to check the position of the antenna, it should be located in the wide-angle direction. So it can catch the wireless range of the router easily.

Find the appropriate location of your router

In that step, you have to find the suitable location of your router. Make sure that it should be placed into that location where it can catch the signal range easily. To know what is the perfect location for your router and place the antennas in the upright position. Also, connect the LAN port to your device with the help of an ethernet cable. Also, ensure that there should neither be too much distance between the router and the connected device nor they are close to each other.

Setup of the Nexxt Solution WiFi Router

Now move to the setup of the router. In which you have to configure the router properly to access the WiFi connection. First, you need to log into the router and then set up the router.

Login to the Nexxt wireless routerĀ 

First of all, open the web page on your computer and type Re.nexxtsolutions in the address bar. Instead of using the Nexxt web address, you can use the default IP address and press the enter button. Now a login page appears on your web screen in which you have to enter your username and unique password. You can set it as default for the guest users. In case you forget your credential details then you can reset your router. Using the web interface for the set up of the router, you can customize the settings whenever you want to. The Nexxt wireless router is also compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Set of the router with the device

Firstly, confirm that the router should be plugged into the power source and connected to the computer or laptop. After that, the web user interface or IP address of the router and log into the web page. Now find the upgrade tab into the settings of the Nexxt Solution WiFi Router and select a file to save the upgraded version of the router. After that, you will be asked to enter the password for the configuration of the router and press the save button to save all the settings at the end.

Review of the Nexxt Solution WiFi Router

The Nexxt Solution WiFi Router provides good wifi coverage. Its best feature is parental control with system management and monitoring of the activities. As compared to other routers it did not drop the signal connection again and again. With easy installation methods, you can install it without taking any support. It can seamlessly cover the 2550 square feet area of the house. Overall the Nexxt solution wireless internet router provides great signal strength without getting buffered or lagged in the connectivity of the router.

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