Everything You Must Know Before Purchasing Private Number Plates

There are several ways present these days to personalize a vehicle and make it look like your own. The best and cost-effective way of customization is buying private number plates. It is one of the popular methods to make a vehicle different, unique, and luxurious. Earlier, it was a luxurious item that famous and rich people only owned. However, now, these number plates have become accessible to the general public.

If you got many queries about private number plates and want to know everything about it before buying, then here you can get all the answers.

What Does Private Number Plates Mean?

Firstly, you must know the exact meaning of a private number plate. Number plates are useful for making vehicles identifiable and unique from the rest of the vehicles that are alike. It is a huge necessity as the vehicles should be identified so that if any road incident happens, it can be tracked. Each vehicle consists of a number plate. However, a private number plate is way different as one can personalize according to their desire and make it eye-catching among the crowd.

A private number plate price can vary from hundreds to thousands. By paying extra money, you get the choice of letters and numbers on the registration. It usually consists of initials, phrases, or slogans, which may mean something special to you.

Types of Private Number Plates

There are basically four formats of registration plates. These are mentioned in the following.

1. Current Number Plate Styles

Nowadays, the current styles of number plate contain seven characters, followed by two letters, two numbers which are followed by three letters. The two letters, in the beginning, identify the place of the nation where the vehicle got registered. After that, it is followed by numbers that represent vehicle manufacturing year. After that, the finishing three letters are just random letters which are used to show that the vehicle is unique.

With the current styles of number plates, there is little room left for the private number plates for personalization. Even though the number plates will still require an age identifier, the last three character spaces can be customized to represent the individuality of your vehicle.

2. Prefix

Such styles of the plate were used before 2001. The name prefix is given as the first letter represents the age of the vehicle. It is then followed by three numbers and then three letters in the last. For instance, the number plate starts with ‘G,’ which means it was registered in 1989.

3. Suffix

The Suffix plates were issued before 1983. It begins with the letter ‘A,’ and the ending letter represents its age. For example, if the letter starts from ‘B,’ it indicates the age is 1964.

4. Dateless:

Before 1963, these number plates were used. However, the most popular one for the buyers of private number plates is the dateless system. The dateless one consisted of only a few characters. So, whenever you view a three-digit number plate, you will know that it is an old-style plate. As these plates have very few characters, they were more expensive and were capable of hiding the manufacturing year of the vehicle. Above all, few characters create the appearance of number plates as more exclusive.

Information Required for a Private Number Plate

Registering and changing private number plates are not that confusing. Here are certain things you must have before buying these types of number plates.

  • Name proof and address proof
  • MOT certificate
  • V5 documentation
  • Proof for being able to utilize registration or V750 form
  • Details of Tax disc expiry.

Legal Requirements for Private Number Plates

After purchasing a private number plate, you will get a V750 of entitlement certificate by DVLA. This gives you permission to put such plates on your vehicle. Then, you have to visit a number plate provider along with your driving license and V750. They will create the plate and fit it on your vehicle.

However, certain rules need to be followed for correctly displaying the registration plates. The rules for private number plates are:

  • A reflective material must be used for creating it.
  • Black characters must be there on a plain white background.
  • No background pattern should be there.
  • It should not contain a changed spacing or font
  • The vehicle’s manufacturing age must not be altered.

The original plate of the vehicle will automatically get deactivated after your new private number plate registration is done.


A private number plate is not only great for providing your vehicle uniqueness but also an excellent choice to gift someone. With these plates, you can customize as per your choice and add something valuable to you. Knowing a few essential things about these plates before purchasing them will be a lot helpful to you.

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