Everything You Need To Know About Dan Alva An Inspiring Persona

An American contemporary creative Dan Alva is known for remixing and remastering classic pieces. Born in October 1984, Alva takes the classics and reinvents for a modern day audience. Based in Miami, Alva takes the classics and reinvents for a modern-day audience. His unapologetic and bold pieces stand out in terms of being unique, compelling and satisfactory to eyes. His work is incredibly intricate, meticulous and he combines his abstract visual language with bursts of stripes and facade. His creativity is acknowledged and much-loved across the globe.

Born in Miami, United States, Alva has experienced art around him since his childhood. From working in the garage with his father to picking up his first film camera, he spent his time creating something inventive. He decided to pursue his artistic mind and ambitions as he realized about his passion towards graphic designing and how overlooked it is in this world. He attended the Art Institute of Miami, where he studied Graphic Design and Advertising. He started his career working at some of the top agencies in the world, including Wieden+Kennedy, TBWA\Chiat\DayBBDO and DAVID The Agency.

Alva’s Success Story

As an Executive Creative Director at Republica Havas, Alva won over 30 global awards for brands, including Burger King, Budweiser, and Kraft Heinz. His long list of awards include Cannes Lions, Clio, The One Show, Andy Awards, D&AD, AICP, and El Gran Ojo. Remarkably, his Burger King Bullying Jr. campaign is now part of the MoMA’s permanent film collection, gathered over three billion impressions online in a matter of days. Burger King Bullying Jr. campaign shows how more people would stand up for a bullied sandwich than a bullied child.

In 2017, Alva launched Burning Stores, a print campaign for Burger King that showcased real restaurants engulfed in flames. It was a reminder to readers that Burger King only cooks over an open flame. The campaign was considered one of the best ads of 2017 by Adweek. It also won the Grand Prix in Print and Publishing at the Cannes Lion Festival.

Alva’s Journey with MoMa

Alva has worked in Advertising for more than a decade and has worked in the MoMA’s permanent film collection. Founded in 1935 as the Film Library, MoMa now includes more than 30,000 films and 1.5 million film stills. It is considered as one of the strongest international film collections in the United States.

Having a diverse skillset in advertising, Alva stood as a guest speaker at Adobe Max where he explained how brands and agencies create content for the U.S. Hispanic consumer. Alva shared his experience transitioning from a general market agency to a Hispanic agency. He explained how American brands must reinvent themselves to maintain cultural relevance. His strategies and tips stand out in terms of being unique, effective, and result-driven. His session, titled “America in Spanish is America,” touched on the topic of Hispanic diversity in advertising.

In 2018, the first solo show of Alva was held in New York City at Guy Hepner Gallery. There he first premiered The Brandalism Services – a mixed-media series intended to reveal the truth behind this ever-evolving advertising industry.

Artistic Side of Dan Alva

Apart from his advertising career, his artistic career allures majority of his fans and inspires them. He loves to spend time creating fine art pieces when he is not focusing on advertising. Alva’s latest masterpiece, entitled The Outsourced Series was a hit. The show held for the first time at Art Basel Miami 2019 with Oliver Cole Gallery.

During one of his interviews, he says “The Outsourced Series is a modern reinterpretation of old master paintings using original oil paint and methods. The series has become my very own MFA in Art History. It’s been in the works and under research for about three years, but this last year I really kicked it off.”

His passion, creativity, and artistic approach allow him to always paint something unique, appealing and inspiring. According to Alva, his main inspiration comes from his ability to absorb visuals. He loves to see, capture and download an entire image in his brain before he starts to work. Imprinting his contemporary style upon the standards of art history, Dan Alva strikes a fine balance between keeping his source material intact and creating a new life of his own.

Alva is also known to be the ghost designer behind the Buscemi “Birkin Shoe” – a sneaker inspired by the famously unattainable Hermes Birkin Bag. The design was conceived over a text message conversation in 2012 with Buscemi Co-Founder, Rob Heppler.

During his entire career, Dan Alva has accomplished enough and has been acknowledged by the whole world. He is featured in many renowned publications, such as Forbes. To know more about Dan Alva, visit his website  Dan Alva.

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