Functional Desks for Your Workspace

Choosing a desk with the correct material, color and design contributes to projecting the personality you want for the workspace, it is a closed or open office. The desk is not only the table, it is a whole space that is created to put the computer, books, the telephone, etc. It is a space where you can find everything at your fingertips.


In the workplace we arrange environments to communicate our goals, attitudes and values. It is there where your profession develops and where important decisions are made. To achieve excellent productivity, it is essential to have the right work environment; and this also has to do with the furniture.

Technological changes have transformed the way of working and, incidentally, have completely modified the design of functional desks. Gone are the old and graceless metal desks to give way to designs with much more functional, modern and aesthetic properties.

In addition to comfort, it is very important that you take into account other aspects. First, the available space, to set the size and hierarchy you want; then, if it will be used in an open space or a closed office; and finally, the design and color.

The idea is that you manage to optimize the space using flexible furniture. The important thing is that all positions have a standard measure that makes them uniform. You can achieve a contemporary style with two materials: tempered glass, which provides lightness, and chrome.


Size. It is the first and most basic condition when choosing the desk for your workspace. Depending on the space you have, you can choose larger or smaller desks.

But having a lot of space does not directly imply that you choose a larger desk, you have to also think about practicality.

The desk has to be large enough to allow you to work comfortably, but it doesn’t have to exceed the space that you require for that job. It is recommended that you take advantage of every inch of office.

As a general rule, it is established that an almost standard minimum size is 130 centimeters wide by ninety deep and a height of 70 and 74 centimeters. From there, the space and equipment you have will make your decision: telephone, computer, work area, peripherals, etc.

Although, with everything you need, it is advisable to have large desks that allow you to have everything at hand, but you can also choose a smaller desk if you have drawers or shelves that help you organize your material.

But, if your work requires the use of plans or design, then it is necessary that you choose a desk that is larger.

Design. After size, the next factor to consider is design. As there is no office without a desk, it will set the air you give to the decoration and the rest of the furniture.

If you want a more modern workspace, try to choose desks of more daring models, choose a design that is unconventional. But, if you want a more serious office, then you have to choose a classic desk.

In any case, the harmony of the desk with the rest of its environment is very important. The desktop layout will also help you do your job better and perform better. For offices with little space, you have to choose desks that are made of glass or light colors, because they will give the environment a touch of spaciousness.

If your office is going to have several desks, apart from the unit, you have to look for the image. For this reason, there are desks with versatile designs that you can combine and even put together so that each employee has their own space within a united and harmonious set that facilitates information sharing and saves space.


The elements that are fixed to the wall as a desk have two important advantages: they take up very little space, are cheaper than a complete piece of furniture and allow storage space underneath. You can even create your workspace with adjustable shelves.

The normal thing will be that your work area is located in a place with enough natural light, in front of a window or close to it. If that is not possible, keep in mind that you will need at least two points of light. A top, which can be integrated into a piece of furniture, on the ceiling, under a storage shelf or on the wall, and another on the side and, preferably, articulated.

Storage can be solved in several ways: a closet, an old sideboard, some traditional shelves, a bookcase, etc. If you need drawers today, they sell them in various materials and finishes, or you can decorate or restore them yourself.

If you do not want to spoil the wall under the desk, I recommend that you put an adhesive vinyl, or tapestry it with a wooden front that will protect the wall from the toes of your shoes.

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