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Digital marketing in Pakistan is changing so much that often the best way to move forward is to take a step back and look at the big picture. In other words, it’s the demographics of digital marketing in Pakistan. To that end, I often read summary reports from some of the best people in the industry. Here are some of the biggest findings from a report I like to read called “Digital Dopamine: The Global Digital Marketing Report 2015” by Razorfish.

According to Razorfish, “Ideas that once dominated the world are becoming irrelevant as new digital solutions take their place. This change is rapid, and marketers are struggling to keep up. So, to prepare for tomorrow, Razorfish examined qualitative and quantitative data from four international markets (US, UK, China and Brazil) to explore how digital is changing the traditional brand-consumer relationship. From expectations of global commerce to the impact of digital on our subconscious, we aim to uncover the key trends affecting marketing,” he said.

What does Razorfish’s research reveal about the use of digital marketing in Pakistan? Here are some of the results.

Generation Gap

Mobile is the dominant shopping experience for millennials. For millennials, the smartphone is the key to the world. With the rise of mobile payment technology, mobile will become an even more important part of the overall brand and shopping experience. Millennials do not make a clear distinction between online and offline.

Millennials are so constantly connected to their smartphones that they no longer know the difference between “online” and “offline. Technology has become an integral part of their lives and a way to interact and experience brands, even in a traditional “offline” environment. We don’t use media in a vertical way. Instead, they use all the tools available to them at any given time, regardless of device or platform.

Millennials are redefining their expectations of privacy. Compared to Gen X, Millennials have more trust in brands to protect their privacy and feel that mobile targeting is not a hindrance.

Plan to account for the SEO divide between Gen X and Gen Y. When it comes to technology adoption, millennials are leading the way. They are outperforming their Generation X peers in almost all daily SEO activities with SEO services in Lahore. Gen X-led organizations need to ensure that their brand experience is aligned with the technological life of millennials and that SEO services in Lahore is not just a side topic in the brand planning process. Aim carefully and cautiously.

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