How to check the car liability expiration

Circulating with expired insurance is a double risk, for fines and compensation in the event of an accident. Here’s how to check your car liability coverage.

You don’t know when your car insurance expires or you have to drive a vehicle and you don’t know the timing of the capital insurance? Let’s see how to check the car liability coverage and the consequences in case of driving without compulsory insurance.

How to check car liability coverage

Since the paper insurance coupon has been eliminated, and therefore it is no longer necessary to expose it in the car, checking the insurance coverage is less immediate.

The downside is that thanks to the digitization of documents, they can be consulted at any time.

And knowing if the car liability policy is about to expire or has already expired is very important. Since circulating without insurance coverage entails economic risks, including fines and the possibility of recourse in the event of compensation for damages for accidents with fault.

There are several possibilities for motorists:

  • Motorist’s portal. This ministerial site has among its online services the one dedicated to RCA coverage and just enters the vehicle registration number.
  • Consap website, Public Insurance Services Dealer. The portal which among other things manages the Guarantee Fund for Road Victims, which in cases provided for by law, compensates for damage from accidents caused by unidentified or uninsured vehicles. In this case, the verification process is long and it is necessary to register (essential for vehicles registered in the 27 countries of the European Union).
  • App for tablets and smartphones. There are several services through the car liability coverage verification app, but in this case, the management is by private individuals, while in the first two cases we are talking about institutional services.

We close by pointing out that this type of verification is also very useful if you suspect that you have taken out fake car insurance, which means that you are not covered at all.

Driving without insurance: what risks do you run?

Driving without car insurance entails serious penalties in the event of checks by the police:

  • fine, from 866 to 3,464 euros;
  • seizure of the vehicle until the policy is signed for at least 6 months;
  • confiscation of the car if you do not pay a fine and charges for the transport and custody of the seized vehicle.

In the event of an accident caused by a vehicle without insurance coverage, then, the damaged third parties obtain compensation through the Road Victims Guarantee Fund, but the latter then exercises the right of recourse to the person responsible for the accident (who, not being insured, must liable for damages with their assets).

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