How to Setup HP DJ 2622 Printer

HP DJ 2622 Printer is a popular brand for hardware. It manufactures lots of hardware gadgets and reliable services. This industry is also famous for manufacturing printer devices. HP has a wide variety of printer devices for all types of users. These printers are multifunctional where you can use them for performing various jobs like scanning. Once the user sets his printer, he can take the printouts reliably. You can configure the printer to the computer or the network directly.

Unboxing your HP DJ 2622 Printer

  1. Open the package and check for the printer
  2. Place the HP printer on a clean surface
  3. Take out the cartridges and cables from the box
  4. Check for the manual and driver CD

Connect the HP printer to electricity using the cable. When the power lamp is glowing, you should start configuring your HP printer.

Configuring HP DJ 2622 Printer to PC

Connecting your HP printer to the computer is very simple. You can directly use the cable for this job. However, a wireless connection is also available. 

  1. Use the cable for connecting the HP printer to the computer
  2. Open your PC and select the Settings gear
  3. Click on the Devices page
  4. Choose the Printers & Scanners icon and then tap on Add Printer option

When the user hits Add Printer or Scanner, his computer automatically starts searching for the devices which are connected using the cable. The name of your HP printer will appear on the desktop. Choose the HP printer and then follow the screen. Once your HP printer gets connected to the computer, install its driver.

Installing the driver on your computer

When the printer gets configured on the PC, it will start looking for the driver. Without the driver, the HP printer can’t read the commands. This driver transfers the PC print commands to the HP printer. Use the CD and run the setup on your device. Users can also find the driver on the HP printer website. After downloading the driver, install it and now the HP printer is ready. The user has to open a document and give it a print command. Load the pages on the HP printer and take the printouts. 

Setting HP DJ 2622 Printer to Wireless Network

Connecting the printer to the network seems like a difficult job but it is very simple. You only need a good wireless network that is WPA secured. Now the user has to make the printer ready for connection and then you can configure it easily.

  1. Go to the LAN settings and then find the SSID for the connection
  2. Check the HP printer and press the Wi-Fi button
  3. When the lamp will blink; the printer will inspect for the available networks 
  4. Check the printer screen and click on the SSID
  5. Type the password of your network

After entering the correct password, the printer will get connected to the network. After connection, open a computer and go to the Devices. Select the Add a Printer button and available printers will be displayed. Select your HP DJ 2622 printer. Tap on Add device and then follow the screen. Now the user can take printouts with his HP device. If you are getting the HP Error Code 0xc4eb8004 then immediately check the HP driver. Users will get the error when the HP printer can’t understand the print commands. Check the HP driver and update or repair it. In case the driver is working but the printer is showing an error then ask the HP team for help.

Configuring HP DJ 2622 Printer to Android Device

Users can connect the HP printer to their android device using the Google Cloud printer. It acts as a bridge between the Android system and the printer. The user has to add his printer to Google Cloud Print.

  1. Open Chrome and go to settings
  2. Hit on the Advanced settings and open Google Cloud Printer
  3. Choose Manage Cloud Print Devices and tap on Add Printers
  4. Select your HP DJ 2622 Printer 
  5. Go to your Android and open the Play Store
  6. Search for Cloud Print and install Google Cloud Print
  7. Open the file or photo on the device
  8. Select the Print option

Choose your HP printer and take the printouts easily. Like Android, users can connect the HP printer to iOS devices using AirPrint. 

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