How To Travel Solo In London

Booking a flight from USA to London for solo travel across the gorgeous European destination? And now looking for things to do alone in London? Well, the answer would be everything.
London is filled with opportunities for solo travelers and offers many attractions and activities to enjoy on your own. Let’s now the tips on how to travel solo in London.

Visit the most popular sites

Alike every traveling destination, London also has its most popular sites. It includes the famous clock tower, Big Ben, the giant Ferris wheel, London’s Eye, and the Queen’s residence, Buckingham Palace.
Add the name of these sites in your London travel itinerary along with places like Westminster Abbey, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, and London Tower.

Start with shopping

No matter if you like buying antiques, books or you are a fashionista who adores clothes. There is a wide range of each and everything in London’s shopping market. Spend your early mornings checking the shops at Covent Garden Market, one of London’s most famous markets. Or visit the Borough Market for some fresh farm produce. For the branded shopping, the shops at the corners of Oxford Street would be an ideal choice.
All shopping places in London are equipped with compact restaurants, cute cafes, antique shops, and marvelous architectural designs.

Walk-through the city center

The best key to exploring London as a solo traveler is walking through the city center. A bicycle tour can also be a great way to introduce yourself to this magnificent city.
Except this, you can also book guided tours to explore new dimensions of the city. These tours include hop-on-hop-off bus tours and river cruises.

But tickets to watch theatre

If you love a good storyline compiled with great acting, then buying theatre tickets could be your best buy in London city. Shows performed in London’s theaters are filled with expert skills and amazing creatives.
To watch a show in London, you can either visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre or London’s West End. As London’s West End is filled with incredible venues like the Royal Opera House, the Apollo, Victoria Palace Theatre, and Sadler’s Wells.

Explore its neighborhood

London is enveloped with great neighborhood areas working as an extra treat for solo travelers. Every neighborhood of this magical city is equipped with an unrealistic yet distinct charm. Few activities to do in London’s neighborhood areas include:
• Visit the high-end boutiques and luxurious restaurants in South Kensington.
• To witness great theatre performances visit Soho.
• For shopping for the best, unique, and quality products, visit Covent Garden.

Learn how to travel on a budget

Though London is considered an expensive traveling destination, there are a lot of free things that the city provides. The most common problem with solo travelers is a tight budget, and if you are facing the same problem, then the below steps have got you covered.

Make a list of free travel itineraries

London provides free entry and exit to travelers in most of its museum and art galleries. It is always beneficial to prepare a list of such places in advance and research upon them. After researching the places that you find the most appealing, add them to your travel list.
A few among the free entry places in London are the National Gallery, the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the Museum of London.
Places like London’s eye don’t provide free entry but you can always adore the outer beauty of these places. The great architectural designs of these places and a walk around them are free of cost.

Go heavy on breakfast

Instead of eating a little for breakfast and breaking your bank for lunch and dinner, go heavy on your breakfast. Enjoy a traditional English breakfast, including grilled tomatoes, eggs, baked beans, and bread toasts. This food makes you feel fuller for longer hours and most of the time you won’t need to have a 3-course meal lunch. Also, make sure that the hotel you are booking provides complimentary breakfast services.

Witness the changing of the guard

One of the most popular sights in London is the changing of guard parade at Buckingham Palace. Irrespective of the weather, hundreds of people everyday gather in front of the queen’s residence to witness this popular event. The best thing about this event is that it is popular and free to watch. Take a flight from London to USA to see this epic adventure.

Enjoy a day picnic at Hyde Park

London is equipped with many parks and most of them provide free entry to visitors. Pack up a few snacks, take your favorite storybook, or just download your favorite movie on your phone/tablet and you are done.
Hyde Park is the most popular park f the city with a deep-rooted history and a man-made lake. This lake is often filled with swans and is open for paddle boating experiences. Besides this, you can visit the speaker’s corner of the park to watch children participating in debates and performing original acts.

Plan your every day separately

Instead of roughly putting down the things to do while you stay in London, prepare a day-to-day travel itinerary. This will help you avoid overspending money on things and going out of plans while you stay in the city.
Map out your day, routes, and transportation modes you are going to take to travel from one stop to another. Put together the sites that are closer to each other on one day this will help you save your taxi fares.

Choose to walk around

Walking around is the best way to get to know London. Start walking towards the city center and stop and adore each beautiful destination that comes your way. If you are too tired to walk around the city then renting a bicycle would be the best option.

Get cultural at Barbican Conservatory

One of London’s best cultural venues, Barbican Conservatory, owns a series of Brutalist buildings in London city. Although most of the experiences are offered by Barbican Conservatory it does provide a free, wonderful opportunity to travelers.
Visit the gorgeous conservatory tucked with tropical plants and colorful flowers residing on the third floor of the building for spending a great time.

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