Laravel Vs CodeIgniter: Which One is Better After Release of PHP 8?

by Moon Technolabs
Laravel Vs CodeIgniter

Laravel Vs CodeIgniter – CodeIgniter and Laravel are two well-known PHP-based frameworks used by developers for web development projects. Although both are reliable and quick, there is a difference between the two, and you should learn about it.

Today’s developers often have to build detailed websites and web applications. You plan to hire a dedicated CodeIgniter developer or Laravel developer for one such project. You and everyone else may think that working on such projects is nothing more than the normal work of these web development professionals. However, in reality, after introducing a certain level of complexity, designing sites and developing apps can turn into a distraction. They have to spend a lot of time on their projects. Such a situation has led to the development of a systematic development approach that integrates PHP-based frameworks.

Now, when it comes to PHP, then developers, and their clients often face one challenging question: what should be the best structure? Developers should choose something that best suits the needs of the project. Otherwise, their choice will damage the foundation of the web application or website. Well, they have a lot of options to check out, but they usually end up choosing Laravel or CodeIgniter. If you wish to hire a Laravel development team, you may not bother finding information on CodeIgniter. As a customer looking for web development experts, you cannot make unwise decisions. That is why you should check this article carefully.

PHP 8 release

It is worth mentioning here that the new version of PHP, PHP 8.0 arrived on November 26, 2020. It has brought a lot of new features and language preparation, including union types, name issues, illegal operators, attributes, analogy, builder building promotion, JIT, weak maps, and enhancements to system type, consistency, and error management. As you continue to learn, you will learn more about how the recent PHP release has influenced these two frameworks, without the distinction that separates them.

About CodeIgniter

It is best to start with this solid PHP framework. You should not make the mistake of believing that CodeIgniter does not work like Laravel. It is a straightforward toolkit, which allows developers to build high-quality dynamic websites with rich features and equally powerful web applications. It also provides storage freedom for users. After all, they will not have to rely on the MVC development pattern. The story does not end here, however. CodeIgniter allows developers to use third-party plugins. These plugins are always useful when using complex features and functionality in a product.

After the release of PHP 8, developers received multi-type parameters for their projects. It is not yet clear, however, whether they need to upgrade to the current version directly or redesign the new version of CodeIgniter for modification. Currently, PHP experts from several parts of the world believe that installing multidisciplinary functions will affect background compliance with PHP 7. It may not be available in the future.

The Specialties

  • The framework is simple
  • Comes with data encryption and debugging
  • Developers can manage times
  • All URLs will be used by the search engine


So, why should you choose CodeIgniter over Laravel? You should choose the first one because the developers will be able to use the support provided by the active community of this framework. Members of this community answered questions almost immediately. In addition, it allows developers to store websites and help improve performance and improved download times.

About Laravel

Even if you intend to hire a dedicated Laravel developer, you should know a few things about it. It is a framework based on open source PHP that facilitates web application development with MVC architecture. The creators have released Laravel under a license obtained from MIT. GitHub, on the other hand, handles the source code.

At Laravel, when PHP 8 looked very good, the community began working hard to provide support to all libraries. They do their best for individual developers and professionals working with development agencies to make the transition as smooth as possible. Developers only need to make sure they use Laravel 6, 7, or 8 to get support for PHP 8. They should also use the latest versions of first-class packages from Laravel, such as Cashier, Passport, Dusk, and the like.

The Specialties

  • Integration is easy to navigate due to external company libraries
  • It has an easy-to-use blade-templates engine
  • The package is modular
  • Comes with built-in authentication and backup methods


So, why should you hire a laravel development team? It has a version control system, which allows developers to simplify migration management. It also provides a designer-based reliance manager, as well as modular packaging. In addition to supporting Eloquent ORM, which is an enhanced implementation of ActiveRecord used in working with DB, it supports a number of DBMS platforms. This includes SQLServer, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. In addition, Laravel boasts an automatic upload feature. It means that developers will not have to rely on manual maintenance or installation methods. The framework even allows them to limit between a few DBM objects using the advanced question builder method. With Laravel, developers can build a variety of tools while getting help from the LOC container. Comes with excellent text.

Choose for yourself

Now, it’s time to get back to your question. Which should you go for – Laravel or CodeIgniter? The fact is, they are both very good PHP frameworks. Both have unique advantages and disadvantages. Yes, project requirements will determine your choice. However, professional developers from all over the world believe that Laravel is better than CodeIgniter. Additionally, after the launch of PHP 8, many features of the latest language version are available at Laravel. CodeIgniter needs more time before deploying PHP 8 capabilities.

You probably think now that you made the right decision before you read this article. However, you should not forget that the choice of framework depends entirely on the project and it’s unique needs. While Laravel is a great decision, in the end, development partners will decide if they can finish the job with it. If not, they should turn to CodeIgniter or something else.

Final Words

With the appropriate development services and unique design features, the development agency you choose to work with can create high-quality websites and web-based applications for your business. PHP developers should evaluate the project carefully to determine which framework will be best suited. You should keep in touch with them to stay informed of the project’s progress. By doing so, you will know that they will be using CodeIgniter instead of Laravel or something you do not know. They will explain why they cannot adhere to your preferences regarding the framework. So, start searching for the best Laravel developers and CodeIgniter early.

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