Guide to launching a Gojek Clone App for your business

Why Businesspersons Are Interested In Developing the Gojek Clone App?


With 2020, the world changed completely. The outbreak of the pandemic left people with no choice but to order food and groceries, medicines, maid cleaning services, car-washing services, handymen, etc. online using On-Demand Multiservice App. The demand for such apps has been on the rise since lockdown. Let us know why the Gojek Clone App has become the talk of the town in the market.

One destination for 70+ On-Demand Services

People find it challenging to steer across different apps to order things. An on demand multi-services app will offer multiple services under one Platform. This way, you increase user accessibility to a great extent.

Improved customer reach and success rates

With the Gojek Clone App you get to expand your customer base. Customers are usually looking for different services and will be drawn to the app. There are numerous apps launched every single day. Only a few can make successfully make it into the market and become popular. The On-Demand Multiservices app like Gojek improves the success rate as there are so many services offered.

Compact storage

Gojek Clone App eliminates the need to have multiple apps. The users need to compromise their space for storing which becomes a problem afterward . The Super App with On-Demand Mulitservices replaces these apps leading to the customer’s satisfaction.

New Version Features of the Gojek Clone App


New Features for the App like Gojek are well-thought keeping in mind the pandemic norms.
• Restricted passenger limit
• Safety checklist
• Face mask verification
• Ride cancellation
• Apply toll cost manually
• Ratings and reviews based on safety
• Taxi fare calculation – 2 modes
• Set different store commission
• Day wise separate time slots
• Item name searching
• Age verification
• Order cancellation due to violation of norms
• Voice instructions for the delivery drivers
• Graphical ride/order status tracking
• OTP verification to start the ride/task
• Restaurants to upload pictures of the kitchen
• Delivery driver to have help to assist

Gojek Clone App Offers On-Demand Services


Taxi Ride Booking Services

The main service offered by the Gojek Clone App is taxi or car rides. What is done is the user can login with their details and book taxi from a set location. The vehicle will arrive and pick them up and then drop them to the requested location. It works almost quite similarly to OLA and Uber.

On-Demand Delivery

The Gojek Clone App also offers an on-demand delivery service right at your doorstep. The customer can order food, groceries, alcohol, medicines, gifts, supplies, stationery and many more things. The customer places an order with a store within their range and can use multiple payment methods like Google Pay, cash, Credit Card, Wallet, etc. The item will be then delivered to their doorstep.

On-Demand Services

The Gojek Clone App also offers independent service providers like landscaping, beauty solutions, plumbers, therapists, babysitters, etc. They have a wide range of services from different fields.

How Gojek Clone App Works?

• The customer will download and register on the app. They can use their social media details to log in or even email or manually log in.
• Customers can then select the type of services they want to aid and add the service to the cart.
• Customers can then move to check out and have multiple options to choose from for payment like cash, card or wallet.
• The service will be delivered at the designated time and the place.
• Once the service is rendered then the customer can review or rate the said service.

So finally the choice is in your hands as to which Gojek Clone app script you would like to work with and make your company a roaring success.


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