List of Websites and Apps that Notify You of Vaccine Slot Availability

COVID-19 in India wreaked havoc among lives in the second wave. Due to the mishandling of data and not a robust preparation from the government, a lot of citizens were unhappy with the way the government handled things. Thus the reason why it was an impertinent decision for the government to start with the vaccine slot finder. With the help of this article, we will help you to find out top websites where you can book your slot independently without any hassle.

1- Vaccinate Me

Vaccinate Me is one of the legit sites out there helping people to book their vaccine slot. The website is easy to monitor, and you can book your slot within a few seconds. Just visit the website and then drop down your pin code and state. After doing so, a pop-up will appear on the screen, notifying you to have to enter your details. Register with the help of your phone number(the one that you use frequently). Make sure that you put on the right date of birth and mention the details of various vaccines you would like to avail. This site helps you find out the best hospital in your area that is vaccinating people and will help you get a shot too.

2- Under45

Under45 was made in the spirit of the government, stating that the youth of India needed to be vaccinated first. This was an important agenda then, but right now, everyone is in question. This site is amazing, but there is only one drawback. The OTP, which is used for registration, can be sent to your registered phone number after several minutes, which causes a delay. While registering, you can take a look at the available vaccines around your area and which one you would like to avail of.

3- Airtel Thanks App

One of the best things that Cellular companies are doing is helping people find a proper vaccine slot. The Airtel Thanks app is a good vaccine slot notifier as it helps every single person registered with Airtel find the right place to get their job done. If you are registering for the first time with Airtel, then there is a small discount available too from the company which users can avail. The accessibility of the site is easier, while people can just log in and mention their details to get their jab.

4- Paytm

Paytm is an e-commerce application that is not being used as a vaccine slot booking. This application is easy to use as always and helps you find a slot in no need. All you have to do is to be associated with Paytm. You can book an appointment and be immediately getting confirmation regarding the availability. Paytm even helps all the users to pay for the vaccine slot booking with the use of the platform. It becomes a centralized transaction for the customers and this way. Things become easier for them to manage.

5- FindSlot

The FindSlot website uses Co-WIN API (Application Programming Interface). Since it is governed with the help of the government, users can get a proper slot around their local area or even around the town. Since everyone these days is booking to get their shot, it has become important for people to get their appointment done before handily. This application helps in the same way as it books the slot with an easier approach. All users have to do is register themselves with the app and input the proper details that can help them get the booking done.

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6- CoWin

Last but not least, the CoWin website was first launched as support from the government to find available slots present for the vaccine. Even though it was first in the market, a lot of users have complained that this site does not let them register or always shows that there is no slot available. Since it was a problem at first, people stopped trusting the website. But since it is a government sanctioned site, people can book their slot easily and even download the vaccine details plus certificate after completion with their registered phone number.

All the websites and apps that facilitate vaccination undergo stringent testing before being launched for the public. Yet, it remains the users’ prerogative to make thorough checks and zero in to a particular platform for all the accurate information.

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