Must-visit Sights In Manila You Can’t Let Them Go

Manila is the Philippines’ enormous metropolis and a key entrance point for foreign travelers. It boasts a diverse cultural history and an architectural environment that incorporates contemporary skyscrapers with historic churches and palaces. And, because these Manila tourist destinations are so lovely and historically significant, you would assume that everything costs money. 

However, whether you’re on a budget or you’re just a sucker for free things to do, there are certain tourist attractions in Manila that you can visit for free. Interesting museums, gorgeous parks, and vibrant nightlife add to the city’s variety. We’re here to show you how incorrect you are! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the finest locations to visit in Manila so you can go deeper and uncover the city’s hidden gems. 

Spend at least a few days in the Philippine capital, and you will quickly discover that it has much more to offer than you may think. Manila is regarded as the ‘Rome of the East’ because of the numerous sites to visit in the city, such as churches and historical landmarks. But there’s more to the city than history; there are lovely parks, amusement parks, and other tourist attractions just waiting to be found. So, are you waiting to get them explored? Then, why wait? Make singapore airlines booking online and save up to 45% off every flight to Manila. It has much more to offer that is yet to be experienced.


Intramuros, Manila’s oldest neighborhood and one of the greatest locations to reside, was founded by Spanish colonial forces. The Walled City, which dates back to the late 1500s, was formerly the sole city in the expansive capital; however, the remainder of the spreading metropolis has since developed outside the walls. Massive walls and defenses surround the region for roughly 4.8 kilometers (three miles). The great entry halls have been restored to their former splendor, and the well-kept neighborhood is home to a number of historic structures.

Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant

Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant is one of the best locations to visit in Manila if you want to feed your hungry stomach. Intramuros never fails to wow us with its history and sightseeing excursions, but it is also a great spot to locate the best eateries in Manila. Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant is one of them.

National Museum Complex

It is one of the best locations for kids to visit in Manila. Filipinos are extremely proud of their history and traditions, which are all on exhibit in Manila’s National Museum Complex. The government wants everyone from all around the globe to view the history of the Philippines without becoming bored alone at one of the best sites to visit in Manila, therefore there is no entrance cost! The National Art Gallery, the Museum of the Filipino People, and the Planetarium are all part of the complex. 


The basilica was first constructed in 1571, but it has since developed, and the current construction is the ninth! The cathedral is a magnificent example of Neo-Romanesque architecture that is loved by architectural enthusiasts all over the world and is one of the top ten Manila attractions. The cathedral’s major draw is its massive pipe organ and lofty vaulted ceilings with exquisite woodwork.

Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago, named after Spain’s patron saint, was erected by the Spanish conquistadors when Manila was still a young city. The first Spanish citadel, erected in the 1570s from earth and wood on the site of an earlier fort, was rebuilt a few decades later with more durable stone construction. 

Baluarte De San Diego

Intramuros is one of Manila’s most historically significant areas. Because of its meandering alleyways and restored enterprises with Spanish-inspired architecture, Intramuros will make you question whether you are still in the Philippines. Ballarat de San Diego is a famous tourist attraction in Manila’s Intramuros. 

San Agustin Church

The San Agustin Church is the Philippines’ oldest church, dating back to the early 1600s. It is now a National Historic Landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built on the foundations of previous houses of worship and is still in use today. The huge church, which was modeled after the magnificent Augustinian churches in Mexico, was looted by British conquerors, withstood significant earthquakes, and was utilized as a hospital. 


At Manila North Cemetery, one of the city’s oldest cemeteries, enjoy the peace and quiet while admiring the exquisite features. Planning a trip to Manila always sounds like the greatest holiday ever. If yes, then book one of the best international tour packages with AirlinesMap, and make your vacation totally hassle-free.

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