Phases of Medical Courier Safety and Tips for Medical Courier



This year’s initial focus was on improving the training and education of both road drivers and warehouse workers. This education phase focuses on the new challenges presented by Covid-19 as well as the traditional road and workplace safety challenges.

To keep safety top of mind for the entire team, we are using new tools such as training and informational videos and workplace and online postings. Group discussions are also being used.

All drivers must now take part in defensive driving workshops that will lead to additional certification and a test.

 Priority Logistics’ shared commitment to safety in Healthcare Courier Transportation Services in Canada will create a strong culture within the business, which will result in better protection for our employees and those we serve.


With an eye to reducing exposures and improving ergonomics, we are currently auditing our warehouses and offices. (Physical, bio, stress, etc.)

We are also reviewing how we behave on the roads, with a renewed emphasis on driving safety. A safety incentive program is being developed where drivers can be part of a group of peers. They will be competing against other teams on safety performance. The team with the highest score will win a significant cash prize every quarter.

We also set up learning and information stations in our facility and bought new equipment to reduce risk and enable our team to better perform their duties.

Our drivers’ success is dependent on us protecting and empowering them. In our world, “success” means offering a high quality medical courier service and giving attention to our customers!


Our vehicles are being equipped with technology that allows us to monitor driver behavior in real-time. This will enable us to identify patterns in driver behavior that could put themselves or the public at risk. Excessive speed or aggressive braking are examples.

We can analyse and audit driving habits so that we can coach the responsible driver to better driving habits.

We also use video to capture defensive driving techniques. This allows us to broadcast safety alerts via smartphones once per month directly to drivers out in the field. This keeps our fleet engaged with safety thoughts and safety information. We believe this will improve our overall culture of safety for medical couriers at MCI.

Five Tips to Choose the Right Medical Courier

These three phases of our safety improvement commitment will result in a better working environment for both our drivers and our team members. It will greatly improve our safety culture, and result in a new set practices that will lower the risk of injury to all.

When working in the medical field, you place a lot of confidence and trust in your medical courier. Patients, doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and hospitals need to know that supplies, equipment, and prescriptions are delivered in a timely and safe manner. These are the top things to look out for when searching for a medical courier.


You need to be able to trust a courier to deliver prescriptions and equipment to patients. You should ensure that the courier has been through thorough background checks. Also, ensure that the courier has identification so the patient can identify them. A branded courier vehicle and clothing can help to build trust between the patient and the courier.

Delivery on-Time

You want to be able to rely on your medical courier for timely deliveries, just as with any other delivery service. Patients who depend on prescriptions can be affected if prescriptions are not delivered on time. It is also crucial to deliver wheelchairs and oxygen tanks on time.

Monitoring Capabilities

Tracking capabilities are an added benefit to couriers. Many medical courier services offer tracking capabilities that allow you to track the package from the moment it is ordered until it’s delivered. The patient can track their package and plan their day around the estimated delivery date.

Night delivery and weekend delivery

A medical courier should be able to deliver within 24 hours. Many patients have hectic schedules that make it difficult to receive deliveries during the normal business hours. Patients will receive their deliveries when they are most needed.

Temperature-Sensitive Medical Deliveries

It is vital that temperature control is provided by the courier service during delivery. Some prescriptions and equipment need to be frozen while others may require refrigeration. Others require room temperature. Prescriptions and equipment that aren’t controlled can become unusable.

Other Important Points to Consider

Experience is a key factor in choosing a reliable courier service. It is important to ensure that the courier company you trust has a good track record in the business. Secure storage is another important aspect. Secure storage is another important factor.

You should look for courier companies that deliver same-day. This is a great option for equipment that needs immediate delivery or for resolving a problem quickly. They are also more responsive than their competitors in providing courier services.

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