Taxi cpam for seniors? Discover How to choose?

by anis harbaoui
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With age, physical mobility decreases more and more, and it becomes difficult for the elderly to move around on their own.Taxi cpam is a solution but how to choose?

However, this should not be an obstacle to their daily movement. This is why transport services offer approved taxis for seniors, but how do you choose them?


When an older adult’s driving ability decreases over time, their loved ones must find solutions for their trips. Fortunately, transport services have not forgotten these older adults and are even there to accompany them daily.

Support services by a carer: whether for shopping or going out, support services are available for seniors to continue to thrive despite their reduced mobility. These are personalized aids according to the needs of your loved ones.

Taxi cpam

The exit plus service is a service dedicated to people over the age of 75 who benefit from AGIRC-ARRCO supplementary pensions. Through this service, the latter finances travel for the elderly through checks: CESU or Chèque Emploi Service Universel. Your loved ones will be able to use the review for their daily trips. A guide will therefore be at his disposal for his journeys.

The SNCF service for seniors: this is a home-train service adapted for seniors over 60 and with reduced mobility. Therefore, this service includes a companion responsible for picking up your loved ones from their home and accompanying them until they leave the train. Once he arrives, another guide is responsible for bringing him back to his destination.

The card for seniors: The Avantage card allows seniors to benefit from a 30% reduction on all public transport journeys.

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How to choose Taxi cpam for seniors?

Taking public transport is more evident for older people. Thus, it is more secure for them to use contracted taxis or VTC (tourism cars with drivers) to take charge of their trip. These are transport services approved by the Health Insurance. Unlike conventional taxis, using approved taxis allows you to be reimbursed by Social Security.

To choose a contracted taxi for your loved ones, you must know in which situations it is preferable to use a hired taxi:

Medical transport: approved taxis are suitable for regular or occasional trips in a seated position to medical establishments.

Daily transport: transport companies provide their customers with comfortable vehicles and professional drivers for safe and serene travel for your loved ones.

Approved taxis are perfectly adapted to accompany seniors during their trips to care centers or daily. To choose which approved taxi, you are invited to visit the website of the CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie). You will find there the transport companies supported by the Health Insurance Fund.

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