The Advantages of a PO Box in Westwood

Are you still wondering if you should sign up for a PO Box? 

Want to figure out if it makes a lot of sense for you?

Well, here is a detailed guide regarding the benefits and reasons as to why people choose PO Box in Westwood services every year. 

Why Should You Consider Getting a PO Box?

It has been found that in the United States, almost more than 20 million PO boxes are available at more than 30,000 post offices, with more PO boxes being added all the time.

Individuals, businesses, and organizations need a secure and private place to get their mail delivered. Other than a traditional street address, there are a lot of benefits. Following are the most impactful ones. 

  • Avoid Hassles of Street Addresses

A permanent address is one of the greatest benefits that PO boxes offer. A PO Box stays the same no matter wherever you move.

On the other hand, the street address changes every time you move, forcing you to change the mailing address every time you decide to get a new house, condo, or apartment.

PO Box is a game changer! Your street address changes; however, you never need to make any adjustments to your mailing address, which is a lot of hassle and headache.

  • Level of Privacy

Another key benefit of PO Box services is the level of privacy that is offered with these mailbox solutions, which you just don’t get with street addresses. Using the street address as a postal address means advertising the location of your residential place in the world. You probably would not want anyone to access any kind of information.

PO Box completely eliminates the link between the home address and the mailing address. It is thus especially useful for businesses where they want to keep their mailing address private and don’t want to disclose their place of living to customers.

  • Full Control on Mail 

 Westwood mail services allow you to receive mail on your schedule, which is another reason to consider PO Box services. There could be delays in the schedule with a mail carrier as they first load up the truck, then drive around town to find their way to your address.

PO Box is located directly inside the post office itself. It means one can receive their mail bright and early in the morning, right around the same time when everyone else will find their mailbox. Also, because the mail is in the box, one can have full control over when they want to get their hands on that mail.

  • Improved Delivery Rate 

Right from finding the mail pieces, shuffling them along the way, and delivering them through the mail truck to the post office, and then again finally reloading them to smaller trucks to get the mails on your address might take long. Also, sometimes these mails get lost on their way in between the seats or behind some package. 

However, with PO Box, all these hassles can be solved as there are no extra steps involved. The mail is delivered directly into your PO Box, where nobody has to pick it up, play with it, and move it, which ultimately increases the overall deliverability rate.

  • Super Safe and Secure

Without saying, there is a big difference in safety and security between the mail that is kept inside of a lockbox in a governmental building and the mail that is lying in the mailbox up near your front door or down at the end of the driveway.

Westwood mail services ensure that your mail stays safe and secure where you can’t afford to miss your mail due to any reason, such as blowing away in the wind when you are not available at home. In such situations, it is a good option to reap benefits from PO Box solutions.

The Cost of PO Boxes

The actual cost can vary depending upon the different options that you choose and pick. However, as a general rule, a PO Box rental for a short time can cost anywhere between $19 and $40. It must be remembered that these costs might differ based on the size of the box and the length of the short-term lease.

The length for a short-term PO Box lease can be six months, or it can be stretched up to 12 months. For a longer lease and a larger box, one must be ready to spend around $75 or more on PO Box. Additionally, the -proceeds can usually be significantly higher when a person is residing in crowded areas with limited PO Box space.

The official website of the United States Postal Service is recommended to get up-to-date information regarding the exact PO Box pricing. For local prices and lease terms, one can also contact the local post office.


Signing up for PO Box in Westwood is a huge advantage where you get an opportunity to receive all your mail to a legitimate address that stays permanently. Not only that, but it also provides privacy and security with full control over mails as per convenience. 

So make a difference and choose your PO Box based on your needs and enjoy the bunch of benefits!

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