Top 5 Sustainable Tourist Destinations in Lihue

As home to the island’s most popular and primary airport, Lihue is the most traveled city on Kauai Island. The city is also the government and shopping hub on the island of Kauai, making the town the first destination to visit. While Lihue is regarded as an administrative and economic hub, the village is not far from the natural beauties of Kauai Island. If you have a sense of adventure, prepare for bodysurfing, stand-up paddleboard, surfing, or swimming in all of Life’s pristine beaches. Southwest Airlines Reservations offers exclusive offers and excellent services, book your tickets and visit these lovely places here.

Beach of Kalapaki

Kalapaki Beach is famous and offers numerous opportunities for physical activities, such as swimming, surfing, body surfing, and safe, walking-in beaches. Children may also enjoy the water, as the beach frequently does not encounter harmful waves. Check out Kalapaki Beach Hut with shaved ice. You need a 10-minute drive to reach Kalapaki Beach.

Crazy Cuts

Wailua Falls is a double-tiered waterfall, commonly known as the Twin Falls of Kauai, which can easily be accessed and is very popular with visitors. The waterfall was repeatedly published and so has become an icon of Kauai’s fantastic environment. It’s only a 13-minute drive to reach Wailua Falls. Go north along State Highway 583, starting from central Lihue. You’ll locate your destination on the right after a little under 4 miles. Visit Southwest Airlines Official Site and book your tickets to reach this place.

The company Koloa Rum

Forget about the brewery instead of visiting a distillery! The Koloa Rum Tasting Room offers a sampling of its award-winning rums each half an hour daily so that you may enjoy the taste of Hawaii. The Koloa Rum Company’s Spirits are created from Hawaiian sugarcane, distilled twice in a copper pot still for the pleasant taste you would surely wish to bring.

The Fish Express

The Fish Express is a local foodstuff that offers a range of island, and Asian fusion foods made up of fresh fish from the surrounding coasts. You may sample some fresh fish, such as Wasabi Cream Katsu, Fresh Tacos Fish, and Lilikoi coated macadamia nut. The Fish Express is concluding your day with a complimentary lunch on a Kauai tour. Book your Southwest Airlines Flight Tickets and taste the local food here.

Museum Kauai

In the Kauai Museum, learn about the beautiful and revealed a history of Kauai and the city of Lihue. The museum is an excellent site for exploring the past and indigenous culture of today’s Kauai. Turn left onto Rice Street from the heart of Lihue and take Highway 56 south. The target is on your left soon. The museum also allows current local artists to showcase their works influenced by the Kauai island and culture. In the middle of Lihue, along Rice Street, you can find the Kauai Museum.

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