Top 5 Tips to Create High-Quality Assignments and Essays

The Canadian academic sector is one of the best known according to the standards and the quality of education provided. The high standards in their educational curriculum require the students to work very hard in order to achieve a good grade that will ensure that they pass the course with flying colours. There are a number of international students who fail to cope up with the pressure and the requirements of the courses. They land up spending a lot of money sitting for re-examination or repeating the whole course. Assignments provided by these universities require the student to do firsthand research and provide unique solutions to the questions and add to the current literature on the topic. All this requires time and focus which is something that is not readily available to students. Student Assignment Solution is a professional writing agency that provides essay writing services in all subjects to students in Canada. We also provide a number of other writing services in Canada including thesis writing services to students who require help with their academic end devours. Our organization has been connected to the academic sector for considerable amount of time and our main purpose is to help students excel in their studies by providing them guides to their assignments.


We work with over 400 writers coming from several different fields whose knowledge range over a number of different subjects and topics. They always follow five tips to create high-quality assignments and essays.

  1. Search for your sources on the Internet by using a number of keywords which are present in the main topic. You can search on ResearchGate or other journals by using these keywords which will save you time and all the relevant publications will appear.
  2. Once you have downloaded a number of publications then start going through these publications and writing down the objectives and the conclusions of each. Our essay help services will help you distinguish between peer reviewed and non-academic sources.
  3. Once you have a table which shows you the differences between the sources you can write down the literature gap by understanding what is missing in some of the sources as compared to the others. The writing support services in Canada can help you produce the literature gap within a short period of time.
  4. Next you can separate the sources according to the findings in each. Make sure that one paragraph contributes only one finding. Each paragraph depending on the number of words should have at least two sources and Intext citation.
  5. Your assignment should be structured according to the university rules and regulations and should not have any kind of errors. Our essay assistance services will make sure that your assignment guide is proofread and edited before it is submitted.


Apart from the above tips you can also avail our dissertation support services Canada. Our writers have Masters and PhD degrees and they can help you compose a proper proposal and outline of the thesis within a short period of time. They can also show you how each chapter will be written and what kind of sources or headings should go into each chapter in relation to the topic. For more information on all our services get in touch with the customer service executives who are available 24/7.

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