Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Medellin?

Have you been to Medellin or ever tried out the Famous Metrocable transport?

If not, then pack your bags to hop into the streets of the city which is well-known for its eccentric metrocable transport system.

Visit the city of Medellin which is full of plentiful adventurous and various gorgeous places to enjoy and to sightsee its amusing heritage.

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Read all the motivating places in the city that are worth visiting: 

The Medellin’s Metrocable transport

The Medellin Metrocable is the well-worn place which is a well-known site in the city. Come to this most watchable destination and lookup for the transport which is located in Santa Elena’s town. 

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The Plaza Botero. 

The Plaza Botero is a famed tourist spot and an extensive terminus via metro stations that exhibit universally well-known Botero paintings and other familiar artists. The artwork includes famous Latin American artists. Come to this place which is worth visiting to watch out for Museo de Antioquia. 

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Medellín walking tour

Medellin walking tour is the most exhilarating and engrossing destination which can be best traveled during the evening hours. Come to this place which needs no entry fees and offers much to explore. You will find this place to be much delighted with the curious atmosphere. So, guys grab the peaceful ambiance around it. 

The Parque Explora

Parque Explora is a wonderful place that includes a famous and attractive planetarium, a 3D auditorium, and the largest freshwater aquarium. Come to this place which is a place for science and art enthusiasts and the best place to acquire many things with numerous enhanced knowledge from the history of this city. You will find many things to explore and watch out for the fantastic exhibitions in terms of interactive science.

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Tour to Pueblito Paisa

Pueblito Paisa is an archaeological town and a village that is the most popular tourist destination after the 20th century. Visit the site which is a must-visit to see the lifestyle from the 20th century and pretend the urbanization transformation. 

Jardin Botanico De Medellin.

Jardin Botanico De Medellin is a must-visit place for the beauty of each flora and exotic species being preserved and captured in several pictures. This famous garden is expanded over 14-hectares and offers a home to about 4,500 flowers and 139 bird species along with diversities of orchids and beautiful seasonal flowers. 

Parque Arvi 

Parque Arvi is a national park to recognize the culture and heritage of the city and cherish excellent knowledge which displays the cultural, archaeological, and environmental values. Drop into this park which has been conserved and enjoy your trip through frequent activities accompanied by the tourist. 

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