TPL cars are down 25% compared to 2012,

TPL auto down by 25% since 2012 according to ANIA. At the national assembly, the data presented are positive, the average premium for auto policies is 440 euros. Let’s explore together.

Positive data: Motor TPL down by 25% since 2012 ANIA at the national assembly in Rome, presents a report with positive data.

The historic difference between the prices of insurance paid by motorists residing in metropolitan cities or cities in the south has also decreased by 40%.

We are aligning with the IVF insurance premiums paid in the main European countries (France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom), the difference is now 72 euros.

In the report by the president of ANIA, Maria Bianca Farina, the data for the first quarter of 2019 also record a further decrease in the price of motor liability policies.

The positive trend is also due to the strong competition between insurance companies with agencies in the area and the growing offer of online insurance, in which segment Italy ranks first in the world.

In this regard, we talked about how much the association has spent in reducing the problem of online fraud, which is still too widespread even if it is greatly decreasing.

In this regard, ANIA has promoted an Observatory, with the support of all members and institutions responsible for preventing and reducing the problem.

The results of this important monitoring action should produce additional auto insurance pricing benefits for all customers.

At the same time, the legislator should ensure, in a short time, a review of the TPL regulation, taking into account the changes that have occurred in recent years on the mobility system.

The rise of self-driving and self-driving cars, new forms of long-term rental, leasing, and the growth of car-sharing require a review of the legislation.

Another point that requires a clear structure is compensation for personal damage.

The long-awaited table of the law on macro-injuries would ensure equal treatment and the consequent reduction of disputes that now affect the costs of insurance premiums.

Prime Minister Conte, the head of state Mattarella and the president of the Senate Casellati were present at the assembly in Rome, the insurance sector plays an important role in the country’s economy, in 2018 this sector collected premiums for 135 billion, plus 3, 2% compared to 2017 and employs 300,000 people.

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