Welcome to Bordeaux , 6 Magic Places

by anis harbaoui
Bordeaux place de la bourse

Welcome to Bordeaux! The city is world-famous for its wine universe, and we were just too impatient to come and visit it during our little tour of France. Cities and us is not always a great love story, but we left completely under the spell for once! In short, we thought we were going to concoct a small (large) article for you on this great city in which we did not have time to see everything but which we appreciated!

Welcome to Bordeaux , Most visit places !

The great classics not to be missed in Bordeaux
porte cailhau, old town of Bordeaux is a multi-faceted city… For this article, we will start by looking at the so-called more “classic” part, or rather historical, should I say, before taking you to more recent districts developed and which contrast completely with the classic blond stone architecture which is so characteristic of the old center.

The Cailhau Gate
At the time, this gate was one of the two entrances that allowed you to enter the city’s walls, so it was quite natural that we wanted to start the visit from this Place! The Cailhau gate dates from 1494 (!!!). Bordeaux Porte cailhauWe is not an expert in architecture or old stone, but we found a sacred charm in this construction of a style in transition between Gothic and Renaissance! Welcome to Bordeaux !

The Mirror of Bordeaux
The Bordeaux water mirror is possibly the most photographed attraction in the city! Located in front of a building over three centuries old, this fountain, barely over ten years old is stealing the show. Well… not that much, because in the end, the beauty of this mirror is to see the reflection of the Place de la Bourse, so in the end, it’s a nice way to highlight the Place!

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Climb to the top of the Saint Michel spire
We wanted to take a little height to see the city from above, and that’s how we ended up climbing to the top of the Saint Michel arrow. In addition to dominating the city, the arrow is downright the second highest bell tower in France with its 114m! Welcome to Bordeaux !

The city of wine
We did not have time to visit it from the inside this time! Nevertheless, we could not write an article without mentioning it. Already its architecture is… how to say… explosive! Wine city, Bordeaux total contrast to the other buildings on the left bank, this sort of “wave” in glass and aluminum. We like it, or we don’t like it, but what is certain is that it leaves no one indifferent.

Streetart in Bordeaux: an alternative tour of the city
We are not great street art experts, and until our world tour, I must admit that I never paid any real attention to these “urban works of art”. In Valparaiso in Chile, we had our first crush on a colorful city… Since then, we have enjoyed discovering cities like Vilnius or Dresden, which are real open-air museums.
The Darwin space – a favorite ecosystem
Darwin is not a secret address… far from it! This former military barracks of 20,000m2 has become, over time, a bit of a hype place; some would say boho… But still, we just really liked this atmosphere!

Welcome to Bordeaux , Visit us 2022 summer!

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