What are the Coverages that the Insurance does not cover?

  • Damage Caused on Purpose: In certain situations you may have a fit of courage and decide to crash the car that closed the circulation, you must think about it several times since your insurance will disclaim responsibility and you will have to pay for the damages to your car and the vehicle. someone else’s car.
  • Deductible increases from 5% to 20% in Damage to Glass: If your windshield suffers damage or crashes due to vandalism or a stone fell, your insurance will be responsible for the damage but you will have to pay a 20% deductible.
  • Drunk Driving: Failure to pass the breathalyzer test is enough for insurance to disclaim responsibility for your accident.
  • Damage to Third Party and You Evaded the Problem: You caused damage to the nation, you crashed a foreign car, you caused damage to a civilian and you decided to flee or you did not stop at the time of the accident and then you call your insurer to pay for the damage to your car, This will not cover the value of the blow or provide you with any type of legal assistance if it is necessary for you.
  • Drag Racing and Street Racing: If you use your car to compete with other cars in drag racing and street racing, it is definitely your responsibility.
  • Bring more People on Board: Transporting more people than your car allows, you will lose the right to payment, in the event of an accident.
  • Interior of Airports and Ports: If you are inside an airport or the territory of a port and suffer a car accident, all expenses will be on your own.
  • Theft of your Tires: In general, insurance does not cover stolen auto parts, only with the exception of a policy for these cases it can be covered, in the case of tires, auto insurance is not responsible for their replacement.
  • Damages by Road Works: In the event that your car is damaged by a road work, the damage must be covered by the company that is in charge of the work or the government if it is the case.
  • Theft by Abuse of Trust: If you lend your car and it is not returned to you, the insurance considers it a breach of trust and will disclaim responsibility.
  • Fall of Trees: if the fall of the tree occurs due to a natural phenomenon, the damage will be covered by insurance, but if it occurs due to felling or pruning, the service company is the one who must be responsible for the damage caused.

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