What does Caser mobile insurance cover? Brands, advantages and opinions

If you want your smartphone to be safe, a good option is to get Caser mobile insurance. The insurer has a comprehensive policy that covers any breakage or theft. Its offer is completed with insurance for tablets, an innovative bet that allows it to differentiate itself from other companies.

What defines Caser mobile insurance?

The mobile insurance Caser , to equal the tablet, is perfectly suited to the new needs of the market. In an increasingly digitized world, dependence on mobile phones grows at the same rate as its quality. The new technologies they incorporate make them more useful and manageable, but also more susceptible to theft and breakage . Given this, the insurer compensates you in case of:

  • Falls
  • Hits
  • Liquid spills
  • Irreparability
  • Theft or robbery, optionally

What are the coverage of Caser’s mobile insurance?

Of course, before insuring a mobile phone you will have to consider all the incidents to which it is exposed. In this sense, Caser mobile insurance includes the basic coverage of most policies of this type, but also includes other optional ones depending on the level of protection you want:

Coverage Description
Basic coverage
Falls If for this reason it stops working properly, Caser bears the costs of the repair.
Hits Covers bumps to the case or screen that prevent normal operation
Fluid spill If the mobile is inoperative, Caser also takes care of the repair
Irreparability If it is impossible to repair it, they compensate you with its market value at the time of the accident. The calculation is made based on the invoice, discounting 5% if it occurs during the first year and 20% from the second year
Optional coverages
Compensation for robbery or robbery The value of the compensation is established following the same parameters as in the previous coverage. They also cover fraudulent calls, up to a maximum of 2,000 euros, as long as you have canceled it in less than 72 hours, in addition to the costs of the duplicate
Compensation for robbery or robbery They give you a replacement mobile while they fix the damaged one. It will be a standard device, and the brand, model and quality of it may vary.

What does Caser mobile insurance exclude?

Whether you take out mobile insurance or tablet insurance with Caser, there are some situations that are not included in the policy, among which are:

    • Theft : understood as the loss of the mobile phone or tablet due to one’s own negligence, without physical violence involved
    • Loss of information and stored data : it is best to make a backup copy before, for example, delivering the mobile or tablet for repair
    • Damages that do not affect its operation: any friction that breaks the aesthetics of the device but does not impede its operation is not included in the policy
    • Accessories , such as covers, protectors, chargers etc.
    • Damages caused by the work of third parties: if you or an acquaintance, outside the manufacturer, try to fix the appliance and it breaks down further, Caser will not be responsible for the repair.
  • Intentional damages : Caser will not compensate for breakages or defects that are not the result of an accident

What models does Caser mobile insurance cover?

In the case of smartphones, Caser’s mobile insurance places special emphasis on Iphone and Samsung terminals , covering most of the companies’ current models. Despite this, it does not discriminate from the policy other brands:

  • Smartphone brands included in Caser’s mobile insurance
  • Huawei
  • BQ
  • Xiaomi
  • HP
  • LG
  • When it comes to tablets, these are some of the most popular brands that fall under the policy:
  • Manzana
  • Sony
  • Benq
  • Samsung
  • Huawei

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