What variety and advantage do epoxy resin wood tables provide us?

When it comes to restaurant furniture, you always want to get the most bangs for your money. To pass the tough test of restaurant owners, tables must fulfill a variety of standards, including cost, stylistic needs, size, and durability. While you are on the goal of giving your drawing room a whole new aesthetic appeal, you must be fairly alert and active.

You know you want marble floors, elaborate and decorative chandeliers, and the best-looking curtains in your room, but your budget won’t allow it. It is essential to prepare everything before executing since it saves your time and money also.

Pros of resin wood tables

Build to last

Resin table in Goa provides you more durable and has a high level of modeling and texture that mimics genuine wood. A resin wood table is considerably more durable than a wood table since the resin is immune to UV radiation and corrosion-resistant. They are and water resist and scratch less.

Wide variety of designs and doors

The nice part about resin wood tables is that they are available in a wide selection of colors and styles. The possibilities are endless and beyond conception. You can have an attractive glossy finish as well as a natural, rich look of wood such as maple, teak, cherry, or oak.

On the other hand, you may have the tangible sensation of granite or marble, as well as the modern appearance.

Easily maintained

Unlike wood tables, resin wood tables are simple to care for. Resin does not necessitate the use of costly varnishes or specialized cleaning solutions. A clean cloth and a modest bit of soapy water will enough. To maintain the table clean, use any standard glass cleaning solutions (e.g. Colin), or buff the surface with furniture polish and a soft rag to make it seem fresh.

Light weight

When compared to typical hardwood tables, resin wood tables are extremely light. Depending on the size of the table, the weight might range from 9kg to 13kg. With a large table, resin is lighter than wood, thus are easier to transport.

Varieties of resin wood table

Made of epoxy resin – They are generally translucent or multi-colored cubes or other geometric shapes with no supporting surface. Inside, a lovely decoration made of dried flowers or other materials is shown. As a rule, such furniture items are employed as a coffee, coffee table, or other object that is not intended to be subjected to heavy load.

Wood or particleboard coated with a layer of resin – In this situation, epoxy resin serves a protective role by shielding the primary material from harm. Designers like paneled surfaces, wooden arrays, multiplexes, and even antique worktops as the primary material.

Combined – These are wood pieces interspersed with resin components. The foundation is made up of materials of any shape: circular, rectangular, or with sharp corners that are arranged in a particular or chaotic arrangement.

The manufactures of resin tables also make wide variety like- marble resin table, live-edged or customization also be done according to the demand of the customer.

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