What You Can Expect on Desert Safari in the UAE?

Many of you who visited any region of the United Arab Emirates about the desert safari. Because many people from all over the world visit across UAE especially Dubai. For the flexible price reason. You will find everything from luxury to cheap however there are many amazing tour operators such as Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Many of you know that this tour is a combo of adventure, food, entertainment and stunning photography on the vast Arabian desert. Since I was the one who didn’t know about this tour and visiting Dubai on summer holidays. I contacted Happy Adventures Tourism to experience the best and budget-friendly desert safari Dubai and water activities. They didn’t let me down and offered high-quality services at the discounted rates. As you know I had 5 days and 4 nights to explore the golden city in the UAE. So I will tell you what happened on the first day to experience these trips. The journey started with the pick up from the standard location points, which cost me 55 AED. So without any further ado let get the blog started.

Desert Safari Dubai Amazing Highlights

You can explore desert safari in Dubai in the morning, evening and overnight. However, the duration is 6 hours in the evening, 4 hours in the morning and 18 hours at night. You can experience it as per your budget and desires. So moving. Long story short, Happy Adventures Tourism’s package comes with a customized facility. So as your price range, you can include or exclude the services. So allow me to let you know the best inclusion of desert safari Dubai. Which I had to enjoy.

Pick Up From Centralized Location Point

If you’re a tourist planning to explore the must include the pick and drop service in the package, it will keep your budget. Since if I take the metro bus or taxi to reach the campsite that tour cost way expensive. so the pick up was on time when the bus driver came to pick us up for the tour.

Adventurous and Exciting Desert Activities:

After arriving at the campsite, we got to enjoy many thrilling and exciting sand activities. Where dune bashing for 10 to 15 minutes with the complete safety precautions are included. Then we got to ride on Camel and Horse which were the perfect opportunity to take pictures. We got to experience our balancing skills on the rented sandboard. Well, the whole thrilling adventure experience was mind-blowing.

Unlimited Beverages and Refreshments:

After settling down the Bedouin camp the refreshing cold drinks hot Arabian tea and coffee were served. Which were unlimited and extraordinary yummy. We made a free Henna tattoo by professionals and clicked some amazing pictures by wearing Arabic costumes

Live Entertainment Shows:

Here comes some amazing entertaining part. The live entertainment shows were performed by the amazing artists in the Bedouin camp. Where two different Belly dance shows, 1 Thrilling fire show and two amazing LED & Classic Tanoura shows were performed.

Delicious Vegetarian Buffet and Live BBQ Dinner:

Last but not least in the middle of the live entertainment shows the BBQ buffet was opened. Which included the vast opportunity of vegetarian dishes and BBQ opportunities with the giant salad bar and several sweets.

After this amazing dinner, we were dropped safely at the point. Where we were picked up. In short, this experience was amazing at the discounted price.

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